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Vitalizing Your Racquet

At Guts and Glory TENNIS, LLC we provide complete racquet care services with a specialty in racquet vitalization, allowing you to maximize the potential of your equipment and to enhance your on court performance. Choosing the best string and optimal tension for your racquet and style of play is essential. If you haven't already discovered your ultimate set-up, don't worry, that's where we can help you! We'll work with you, make recommendations and through this process you will ultimately discover the setup that allows you flourish on the court.  

After you have uncovered the perfect string and tension you can be absolutely certain that our exacting standards of excellence will allow us to provide you with the same results each time you bring your racquet to us to be strung. We take careful notes on the method we use to string your racquet and use the same technique in subsequent jobs. You can rest easy knowing we use a state-of-the-art, fully calibrated, tour level stringing equipment. Different machines and different stringing techniques can result in a stringbed that plays differently, even when the string and tension are the same. This is one of the advantages of having a personal stringer to perform the stringing service each time your racquet is restrung. It eliminates the variables and allows your racquet to be strung consistently with each stringing.

Our customers have come to count on us for 36 hour or faster service.  We are 100% confident your vitalized racquet will give you the advantage and confidence you need to vanquish your on-court foes.  Why settle for a basic racquet stringing service, when you can come to us and get vitalized?


"The bottom line is money. If any of you have ever strung in a busy shop you know how it is. You'll come in to work and there will be 20 racquets waiting for you. There is no way you can get done without cutting corners. The experienced ones (stringers) know what they can do without damaging the racquet. 12-18 minutes a stick is a good timeframe to stay in..." - Tennis Warehouse Message Boards

As unfortunate as it may be, the above quote represents one of the fundamental risks you take when trusting the care of your racquet to a tennis or multi-sports retailer who relies on high volume. More often than not, customers end up paying inflated prices for substandard services without even realizing that corners have been cut on their racquet. Corners that can reduce playability, string life and even cause damage to the racquet frame. At Guts and Glory Tennis, LLC, corners are never cut and your racquet will receive the ultimate in care from a meticulous stringing professional.


Quality does matter as does craftsmanship and complete customer satisfaction. At Guts and Glory TENNIS, we vitalize racquets at a reasonable pace, all the while focusing on quality and consistency. The average time it takes us to vitalize each racquet is a minimum of 24 - 30 minutes.   Can we go faster? You bet we can, but we don't. We choose to take our time and provide our customers with the focus and attention needed to provide world-class service. Below is an outline of the step-by-step process we use on each racquet we receive.


Upon receipt of racquet we consult with the owner to determine her/his playing style and evaluate the best type of string and tension for the racquet. This consultation is arguably the most essential part of the stringing process. It assures your racquet is vitalized to support and enhance your particular playing style and needs.
Estimated interview time: 2 - 20 min


Before stringing, we carefully examine the racquet and grommet strips for cracks or signs of wear. If the racquet shows any signs of structural damage (i.e. cracks) we immediately notify the owner. We will not string cracked racquets without fully informing the owner of the potential risks involved and getting their full informed consent. The stringing process places a tremendous amount of stress on the racquet frame. Stringing a weakened frame is dangerous as breakage can occur. If grommet damage is present we will either order and install a new grommet strip or replace individual grommets. Damaged grommets can cause premature string breakage.
Estimated initial inspection time: 1 - 3 min


If the racquet has strings (in tact or broken) the strings are cut out and carefully removed from the racquet frame. There is a specific method of removing strings that reduces the stress on the racquet frame. The process involves carefully cutting each string in a box pattern from the center of the racquet. Once cut, the strings are carefully removed so as not to damage the grommets.
Estimated removal time: 1 - 3 min


The racquet is prepared for stringing by being carefully mounted in one of our professional stringing machines.
Estimated mounting time: 30 seconds


The new strings are opened, uncoiled, measured, cut, inspected for damage/imperfections and pre-stretched when requested. When "prestretching" is requested or recommended, we use our exclusive manual string pre-stretching method, (not a machine prestretch). Sure this takes additional time, but in the long run this extra effort reduces the initial tension loss our customers will experience and makes for a better and more consistent playing string bed.
Estimated string preparation time: 2 - 6 min


Strings are installed. During this process we use a highly accurate constant pull stringing machine and specialized tools. When stringing with natural gut we make use of special tools to reduce the friction that occurs when pulling the cross strings. This step helps eliminate string burn and ultimately prolongs string life.
Estimated installation time: 20 - 30 min, depending on process used.


Racquet is carefully removed from stringing machine, strings are straightened, and Stringbed stiffness is measured using a Babolat Racquet Diagnostic Center and String Meter. Measurements are recorded in customer database and checked against previous reading to assure a 100% consistent and accurate string job. If the measurement does not match the previous stringing, the racquet is automatically restrung so that it will match.

Estimated time: 1 - 4 minutes (unless restrung, then much more!)


All customer, racquet and stringing information is logged into tracking/record keeping system.
Estimated time: 3 - 4 min

At Guts and Glory TENNIS, LLC we provide racquet vitalization services to an exclusive and limited clientele. Because this is our full-time profession we strive to earn and keep our customers coming back by providing first rate work--chocked full of precision, consistency and care. Of course our business exists to be successful and profitable, but never at the expense of reduced quality or corner cutting.



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