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Racquet Vitalization™

Racquet Vitalization™

Racquet Vitalization™

Racquet Vitalization™

“We do much more than string racquets, we VITALIZE them!”

Since our inception, Guts and Glory Tennis has taken pride in providing professional and comprehensive stringing services for our local stringing customers.  Our goal of 100% customer satisfaction through consistent work that is specifically tailored to maximize the performance of the customer’s equipment has earned us the respect and ongoing business of top-level players.  We proudly cater to a clientele who understand that properly installed strings are critical for on court success.

Over the years we have developed an EXCLUSIVE stringing method to meet the demands of a dynamic customer base.  This intense focus on finding the string or combination of strings, tensioned in a manner to provide optimal performance has allowed us to stand out from other racquet stringing services. 

Our perpetual pocket protectors signify our nerdy tendencies to embrace string and racquet technology, to study it and to fully immerse ourselves in it.  We play tennis and we personally playtest each string we provide for our local customers as well as countless strings that we choose not to carry.  This extensive hands-on experience gives us insight and knowledge about the performance characteristics of strings that is truly uncommon, bordering on obsessive-compulsive.

When customers bring their racquets to us to string, they get much more than a typical racquet stringing. Tour level players, tournament players, recreational players, and beginners of all ages can benefit from our knowledge, creativity, consistency and insight.  We do much more than install strings in a racquet at the middle of the manufacturers recommended range. We find the optimal setup for the player taking into account his/her frame as well as playing style.

The level of service we provide involves a depth of knowledge and customer interaction well beyond that of traditional racquet stringing services.  So much so that we label our services RACQUET VITALIZATION™ SERVICES to help distinguish ourselves from the less obsessively committed racquet stringing folk.

Webster’s tells us that VITALIZE is to “endow with life," which is exactly what we strive to accomplish with each customer.  We invite you to bring us your racquet and allow us to vitalize or revitalize it so that your on court performance will be endowed with life!

Guts and Glory Tennis: Where Racquet Vitalization™ is our Business!

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