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Services & Pricing

Service Price Details
All Services (Stringing, grip work, etc) $40.00/hrMost racquet stringing is $20 (30 minutes service time). See Notes on Customer Supplied Strings
Same Day Stringing Services $10.00Racquets are turned around in 24 hrs, if same day service is requested, a $10 charge will be added to our hourly rate.
Emergency Stringing Services $20.00 Depends on time of day and work load, but this is same day 1 hour service with $20 added to our hourly rate.
Bumper/Grommet Replacement $20.00 Installation cost.  Cost of bumper strip varies and will be added.  Subject to availability of parts.
Grip Replacement
Includes removal of old glue and residue build up. Please indicate whether wrap is for right or left handed player.
Overgrip and Installation Cost includes a new overgrip and installation. Please specify right or left handed and type of overgrip from the following list. Tournagrip XL, TournaTac XL, WeissCANNON  or MSV.
Grip Resizing Increase $9.90 Per size or 1/2 size
Racquet Stringing Lessons $50.00 per hour Professional instruction on a method of installing tennis strings that is approved by the United States Racquet Stringer's Association. In our initial session we cover all of the basics including mounting, pre-racquet and string inspection, understanding string patterns, basic installation, starting knots, finishing knots, proper usage and adjustment of clamps, weaving techniques, tensioning, stringing pitfalls to avoid and Q & A.

Advanced lessons available for more advanced techniques included JET Method.

Prince Silencer Vibration Dampener Installation $666.00 These were clearly designed by Lucifer himself and there are better options.  

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