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Services & Pricing

Service Price Details
Stringing: Labor Only - Tennis $19.99 Includes same day service when available. See Notes on Customer Supplied Strings
Emergency Stringing Services $20.00 Depends on time of day and work load
Bumper/Grommet Replacement $14.90 Installation cost.  Cost of bumper strip varies and will be added.  Subject to availability of parts.
Grip Replacement $5.00 labor + cost of grip Includes removal of old glue and residue build up. Please indicate whether wrap is for right or left handed player.
Overgrip and Installation $2.50 Cost includes a new overgrip and installation. Please specify right or left handed and type of overgrip from the following list. Tournagrip XL, TournaTac XL, Wilson Pro or MSV.
Grip Resizing Increase $9.90 Per size or 1/2 size
Racquet Stringing Lessons $50.00 per hour Professional instruction on a method of installing tennis strings that is approved by the United States Racquet Stringer's Association. In our initial session we cover all of the basics including mounting, pre-racquet and string inspection, understanding string patterns, basic installation, starting knots, finishing knots, proper usage and adjustment of clamps, weaving techniques, tensioning, stringing pitfalls to avoid and Q & A.

Advanced lessons available for more advanced techniques included JET Method.

Prince Silencer Vibration Dampener Installation $666.00 These were clearly designed by Lucifer himself and there are better options.  

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