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Guts and Glory Tennis is delighted to announce The Little Star Foundation as our charity of choice. Each year we take a portion of our sales revenue and make a donation to help fund this worthy charity.

The Little Star Foundation was founded in 1990, by tennis star Andrea Jaeger, (now Sister Andrea), after a shoulder injury cut short her professional tennis career. Since then, Andrea has tirelessly championed the cause of providing relief, joy and a sense of normalcy to children who are battling cancer. In a statement on the Foundation's original website, Andrea Jaeger (Pictured in the center of the image below) describes her inspiration for entering into this venture.

"During my years on the professional tennis tour, visiting children in hospitals was one of my favorite things to do at tournaments. They are models of hope and courage. Watching these children fight for their lives on a daily basis inspired the premise on which the Foundation is based: these kids will have an opportunity to regain some of their missed childhood; a childhood scarred by the harsh realities of their illnesses."

The following objectives summarize some of the terrific work this foundation does in order to promote wellness among children and their families who are battling cancer.


 Provide positive lifetime experiences and a safe haven for children with cancer. In doing so, we encourage the children to simply be themselves, to have fun, and provide opportunities to enhance their quality of life.

 Provide a recreational experience that is equal to or better than that which is available to healthy youngsters.

 Provide much needed financial, educational, medical, spiritual and emotional support for participants.

 Help the children acquire the physical and emotional capacity to endure the challenges of the present and future.

 Reveal to the participants the recuperative values of sharing experiences and caring for each other, and to help others who are experiencing similar ordeals.

 Allow children to be children. 

 To provide parents with a week's respite from caring for a sick child, with time to focus on themselves and other siblings.

 Serve as a year-round resource to the children, their families, and health care professionals.

 Inspire and educate the public to further develop opportunities for these special children and their families.

The Following Links are Provided To Allow You To Learn More About Andrea Jaeger and The Little Star Foundation.

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