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Signum Pro Poly Megaforce

Signum Pro Poly Megaforce

Price: $8.50

We are delighted to introduce this string as slightly stiffer/firmer playing version of the Poly Plasma. State-of-the-art German engineering and production has pushed the envelope to create some of the world’s best and most technologically advanced poly composite strings.

These strings are specifically designed to hold tension significantly better than the early generation polys. The result is a string possessing the desirable playing characteristics of ALU with improved tension maintenance, longer playability and best of all, a significantly lower cost to the consumer.

Construction: State-of-the-art German engineered, designed and produced poly composite. Superior tension maintenance.

Advantage: A premium poly with tremendous tension maintenance at a value price. More selection and variety in thickness compared to ALU.

Gauges: 16 (1.29mm), 17 (1.24mm), & 18 (1.19mm)
Length: 40
Color: Silver

Why we carry this string: Because Poly Megaforce is an extremely well-made co-poly with excellent playing chracteristics.


1. Stringers need to take extra care during stringing. A Nylon/Synthetic string is easier to string, and is less prone to premature breaking because it's more flexible. Stringers have to string with extra care when installing co-polyester strings, similar to the care used when stringing with natural gut.

2. These strings should NOT be pre-stretched. Prestretching can cause premature breakage.

3. Pull slowly by hand or use the slowest pull setting on your electronic machine.

4. Do not kink. Try reducing the number of sharp angles that can be multiplied when using a prelacing technique.

At Guts and Glory Tennis we have not had one single issue with premature breakage of this or any of the Signum Polys we have installed for our stringing customers. We have, however, had a two reports from our customers of the co-poly strings breaking while stringing or shortly after hitting the court. Following the above "tips," (from the manufacturer of Signum Pro strings), will help prevent any premature breakage with these co-poly strings.

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