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MSV Hepta - Twist 660' Reels

MSV Hepta - Twist 660' Reels

Price: $109.90

The NEW MSV Hepta-Twist from Mauve Sports sets new standards for poly-based string performance. This is a "must-try" product for all players seeking to enhance their on court game. You have to experience it for yourself to appreciate the benefits of the twist technology.

MSV has taken the best-selling and award winning Focus - Hex ™ and made it even more lethal for your opponents. To accomplish this they used the same base formula as the popular Focus Hex™ and extruded it using a heptagonal (7 sided) die cast. They then used the magic of the new twist technology to create an exciting poly-based string that offers outstanding power, control, comfort and mind-blowing spin!

Construction: New Generation Poly-Based string extruded in heptagonal form and twisted for added spin.

Advantage: This poly-based string offers the highest amount of control and spin potential on the market today. Add to this improved tension maintenance and the popular playing characteristics of the famous MSV Focus Hex™ and you have a product that will help you overwhelm your opponents. Compare it to other poly-based strings on the market today and we are confident you will find it superior in terms of overall traditional poly-based performance.

Why we carry this string: Because we strive to bring our customers the best playing and most advanced string offerings available.

Buy More and SAVE! - We now offer a Wholesale/Volume Discount Buying Program for pro shops, tennis retailers, schools, coaches and USRSA members. If you are a member of one of these groups and are interested in saving through volume purchasing, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with additional information.

Gauges: 16 (1.30mm), 17 (1.25mm), 17L (1.20mm) and 18 (1.15mm)

Length: 660' Reels

Colors: White, Black, Red

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