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L-TEC Premium Synthetic Gut - Convenience Spool - CANADA

L-TEC Premium Synthetic Gut - Convenience Spool - CANADA

Price: $105.50

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L-TEC Premium Synthetic Gut

L-TEC Premium Synthetic Gut is a firmer performing synthetic than the others in the L-TEC line.  It has been brought in because it compliments the L-TEC copolys  with added comfort and ease of use. 

Construction: Round mono-core synthetic gut with a single wrap.

Advantage: Full copoly setups are difficult for many lesser experienced stringers to install properly.  A firm synthetic gut hybrid offering is sometimes the best option for achieving a similar effect to full copoly properly installed at lower tensions.

Gauge: 16 (1.30mm)

Length: 330 feet = (8 Full sets or 16 Hybrid sets)

Colors: Spiral Neon and Spiral White

Why we carry this string: In addition to making a solid hybrid combination it can also be used as a full setup for those seeking a quality synthetic gut.

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