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Custom Hybrid

A "hybrid" is a racquet that runs on both gasoline and electricity, thus increasing fuel efficiency and improving air quality.   (Just kidding!!!)

The "hybrid" method of stringing involves installing two different types of strings as the mains (vertical) and crosses (horizontal).  The blending of differently constructed strings is sometimes necessary in order to achieve unique performance objectives with our stringing customers.  Blending strings into full customized hybrids is another tool we use as part of our racquet vitalization services.

In additional to blending playing characteristics to reach a desired outcome, hybrid stringing can offer additional advantages for those choosing to use a hybrid.


Many premium strings, especially natural gut, come with a very high price tag. If you are not looking to deplete your child's college savings plan, a hybrid can give you many of the playability features of gut at a fraction of the cost. Here's the nitty gritty. The main strings, which provide a majority of the feel, are strung with a premium string. For illustration purposes let's say we are using Babolat natural gut in the main strings. We are using 1/2 of a set instead of a full set. The cross strings can then be strung with a less expensive string. We have received a lot of positive feedback using WeissCANNON Explosiv! in a gut hybrid because it is a softer playing synthetic that compliments the playing characteristics of the natural gut very well. This particular hybrid is less expensive than a full gut string job, and just slightly higher than the cost of many premium multifilament strings. The advantage is you are getting many of the natural gut playing characteristics and the performance will be superior to the multi-fiber strings. To save even more you can use a lower cost synthetic gut for your cross string and still have a terrific feeling stringbed.


Many of the younger big bangers and players who hit with excessive spin rip through synthetic strings in a few hours of play. Kevlar string (the stuff of which bullet proof vests are made) is an extremely stiff playing alternative that was designed to offer increased string life. Unfortunately the stiff properties of the string make it hard on the elbow and arm, often resulting in injuries.

Currently strings that are constructed with various percentages of polyester, called “poly-based” strings are all the rage. They are popular because they have properties that allow increased durability over standard synthetic gut strings and they are softer on the joints than Kevlar. In fact a majority of the top professional male players have switched to either all poly-based string jobs or custom hybrids. At Guts and Glory Tennis, we have a wide selection of great playing poly-based strings and the expertise to create custom hybrids that will allow our customers to find a blend that is both durable, playable and soft enough that arm/elbow pain can be avoided.


Professionals are not choosing poly based strings for durability reasons, rather they are using them for added control. Natural gut is a powerful string, but professionals such as Roger Federer have found a terrific way to tame the power and add extra control for precision shots is to use a natural gut/poly-based hybrid. The greatest strength of poly-based strings is the control they offer. Powerful players like Andy Roddick use a hybrid because it adds controllable power to their games. Let us work with you to create a custom hybrid to improve your game. Note: You are not likely to serve as hard as Andy Roddick, but you may very well approach the velocity of his former coach, Brad Gilbert.


There are countless variables impacting the overall performance of your racquet's stringbed. Sometimes the optimal setup to enhance a particular style of play will involve a unique blend of strings featuring different properties. At Guts and Glory Tennis we have created many unique hybrid blends to suit our customer's many styles of play and stringbed preferences. As we hope you can tell from our web site, we are innovative thinkers who are not afraid to explore territory outside of the traditional box. We also offer a solid knowledge of strings and their properties and have parlayed this knowledge into countless successful custom hybrid setups for our local customers.  When it comes to racquet vitalization via hybrids, we have a track record of proven success. Let us help you create your own personal hybrid, you'll be glad you did!


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