WeissCANNON Mystery Overgrips - 3 Pack

WeissCANNON Mystery Overgrips - 3 Pack

Price: $4.50

The WeissCANNON Mystery Overgrip is made of an elastic latex-like material that is similar to the Wilson Pro and Yonex Supergrap overgrips. The difference is that the Mystery overgrip comes in much thinner, measuring a comfortable .50mm while it's competitors generally measure .70mm - .80mm. A thinner overgrip is especially good for those who prefer to use overgrips but want to increase the grip diameter as little as possible.

In addition to the advantages of being thin, the "Mystery Overgrip" offers a comfort coating. For those looking for a durable overgrip, with a comfortable feel and some tackiness to prevent slippage, this product will definitely deliver. The WeissCANNON Mystery Overgrips are available for purchase in 3 packs and come in 4 color choices. Be sure to select your color when ordering.

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