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WeissCANNON 6StarString Supercharged - 660' Reels - CANADA

WeissCANNON 6StarString Supercharged - 660' Reels - CANADA

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"WeissCANNON 6StarString Supercharged -  Take it to the courts...You'll have a blast!"

Siegfried Weiss, owner and founder of WeissCANNON, has already used his engineering background in fibers technology to create the most technologically advanced and best playing poly based strings currently on the market. (WeissCANNON Silverstring and the amazing TurboTwist.) For an encore, he drew upon his engineering experiences and created what is arguably the finest performing multifilament string produced to date, Explosiv!. Now, for a curtain call, he has introduced another new product, this time twisting elements of monfilaments and multifilaments together to produce an entirely new breed of string. The 6StarString Supercharged is a unique blend of technologies finely tuned to produce a unique string that has players across the globe reveling in victory. The unique purple hue literally screams "I am unique" while leaving opponents decimated and aching to add the "Power of Purple" to their sticks STAT!

A mono-multifilament. This is a successful blend of multis and monos that are comprised of innovative fibers. The twist technology is utilized to enhance spin potential. The result is a string offering that is unique in performance.  

Advantages: An outstanding combination of power, control, spin potential and durability.
Gauges: 1.30mm (16ga)

Length: 660'

Colors: Purple, Natural and Blue

Why we carry this string: The 6StarString Supercharged  is an updated and improved version of the original version of 6StarString. It remains a unique string with many potential applications. It can be used as an alternative for multi users seeking a string with added durability. It can be used as a cross string in hybrid with poly-based strings.

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