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Unique Quasi Gut - 660' Reel

Unique Quasi Gut - 660' Reel

Price: $109.90

Construction: Quasi-Gut is constructed from thousands of tightly wound microfibers, each permeated with and contained in a new thermo-elastic polyurethane resin. According to Unique, this high tech resin greatly increases the durability and weather resistance of the string without compromising its natural gut-like performance.

Advantage: This string was specifically designed to provide the comfort, touch, feel and power associated with natural gut.† While it scores high in each of these categories, it offers a HUGE bonus...SPIN.† It is difficult to find multifilament strings that offer the playability features of this string with the bonus of generating more than ample amounts of spin.

Gauges: 16 and 17

Length: 660'

Colors: Natural

Why we carry this string: Value. This is a terrific playing lower cost premium multi offering superior playability to many higher cost multis on the market today.† It received excellent feeback in a blind stringtest conducted by the USRSA in 2010. In that review, the USRSA made the following summary statement:† "Itís great to have a soft nylon score well in Touch/Feel, Playability, Comfort, and Power, with two of the playtest team comparing it favorablity to natural gut. Thatís what you might expect from Unique Tourna Quasi-Gut 16. Then, out of left field, it also garners good marks for spin potential, and two members of the playtest team compare it favorably to polyester. According to our playtest team, this ainít your fatherís nylon string."

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