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Tourna Big Hitter Silver Rough

Tourna Big Hitter Silver Rough

Price: $7.99

This string takes the highly rated playing characteristics of Big Hitter Silver and throws in a unique twist.  Extruded in a pentagon shape and twisted for added spin, this string delivers a solid and firm performance. 

Construction: Composed of a soft poly-poly ether with aluminum fibers added extruded in a pentagonal form and twisted.

Advantage: An economically priced poly string that has received surprisingly high praise from players of all levels. Great durability and playability...a desirable combination for frequent string breakers.

Gauges: 16 (1.30mm) & 17 (1.25mm)
Length: 40'
Colors: Silver

Why we carry this string: Because it is a solid performing economy poly-based string that is competitively price and offers great spin, feel and bite.

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Best poly tried to date
This is the first time I have posted a review, probably because this is the first brand of string that warranted a review in my opinion. I like many others are constantly looking for that perfect combination. I have only been playing for just over a year, so many may say that I should just perfect the fundamentals as opposed to constantly searching for a new string of choice. I have tried other polys such as Rpm blast, Savage, Prince Beast, I really liked the Blast, but tension loss was too great for the price. Over a period of time I developed tennis elbow along with some severe problems in my shoulder. As a result, I wad told that by switching to natural gut in a hybrid that I could eliminate the issues I was having and with the arm and would love the gut since it was the type of string on the market today. I have to admit that it did relieve the pain I was having, and provides a superb amount of touch and feel. The issue was that I seem to loose immediately the spin that I was meeting prior to the change. That could have been due to the trampoline effect that the natural causes. I really felt like I had lost my pop and great amount of movement on my slice serves. I had the gut cut out and was going to go back to the BHBR which was my former string of choice. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately for me my local tennis shop was out and so I was forced to try the BHRS. I used it in the mains like I have in the past and used the Wilson Red Alert in the crosses. What a combo, now I have great pop, fenomenal movement with my serves, and better touch at the net. It is almost comical to hit a nice slice serve and to watch the opposing player swing away only to miss the ball by over a foot and then have to pull themselves out of the nets on the side of the court. Another feature that gives the opponents fits is that due to the amount of topspin that these strings provide, when they are going for a volley and set for the ball, the ball just seems to drop out of thin air and they can't understand why they keep missing it. There are great similarities when compared to the BHBR, but I feel like I have better control and touch with the silver. Hopefully this will help somebody considering trying the BHRS.
Reviewed Sun, Oct 23 2011 10:49 am by
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