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Tourna Big Hitter Rough - 660' Reel

Tourna Big Hitter Rough - 660' Reel

Price: $89.95

Unique Sports cleverly took their fantastic playing Big Hitter Blue and had it extruded in a pentagonal form and then twisted.  The result?  One terrific playing textured poly-based string.  Excellent feel, power, control and spin.  What's not to like?
Construction: Soft poly-based composite extruded and twisted for added ball bite.

Advantage: All the advantages of a comfortable poly-based string with premium access to spin.

Gauges: 16 (1.30mm) & 17 (1.25mm)
Length: 40'
Colors: Blue

Why we carry this string: Those seeking a lower cost twisted offering that gives similar performance to Topspin Cyber Whirl will want to take this string our for a spin...literally.

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