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String Thing - String Straightening Device

String Thing - String Straightening Device

Price: $19.99

Do misaligned strings drive you batty? It is not uncommon for some types of string to get stuck out of position during play. Many players take time between points to straighten them using their fingers. Ouch! The String Thing is a device that quickly and uniformly realigns the strings for you. Constructed of a sturdy polycarbon shell this tool is virtually indestructible. The alignment wheels are nylon with a teflon-like substance for easy use. Misaligned strings can impact the performance of the ball with your stringbed in ways that are generally not considered positive. Use this tool on court or during changeovers to keep your strings straight and your game on course. The link below shows of video of just how easy this tool is to use.

NOTE: The String Thing is now available in two versions, one for open pattern racquets (16 main strings) and the other for closed pattern racquets (18 main strings).

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It does a great job
At the GSS Symposium I had the chance to try the String Thing which is an amazing little tool that is now available for both open and dense string patterns.

With a little practice the efficiency to straighten strings is quite surprising. Since about 20 years I have been using a setting-off tool that I made especially to do this job, which I am very proud of, simply because well straightened strings give a great finish to a quality string job.

To do a good job with the awl the racquet needs to be still mounted in the cradle, once out of the machine it is quite difficult to straighten the strings, so it's a one-off application.
With the String Thing it is possible to straighten the strings anywhere, anytime in a few seconds and that is a definite advantage.

Since returning to my workshop in Paris I have been using the ST every time I string a racquet and have definitively replaced my usual setting-off awl, there is no way back once you acquire the technique of the ST.

Just to see the limits of this thing, each time I recuperate a racquet to be restrung when the strings are still intact, I try to straighten the strings with the ST. So far it works perfectly on every type of string (monos, multis, hybrids and even natural gut) no matter how badly they are notched, all you need to do is to push the string in the direction needed to straighten the string in the same movement of up and down along the string that you are straightening.

My only problem with this thing is that now straightening strings has become easy to accomplish by any stringer and/or player, which does take away a small part of the value of my string jobs, only because anyone else can do it just as well as I can . . .

I suggest that at least after each time you play tennis, you should straighten your strings and in match do straighten your strings regularly because the racquet will give more consistent results when the strings are correctly aligned.

When straightening your strings I have found it is best to begin with the crosses first followed by the mains.  Following this sequence produces the easiest and most consistent results.

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