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Racquet Stringing from Afar

So you don't live in our pick-up and delivery area, eh? That measly fact should not detour you from having your racquet serviced by us. We offer stringing and racquet services by mail. Yes, that's right. All you need to do is send your racquet to us, along with your complete contact information, string choice and desired tension. We will then then string your racquet according to your specifications or contact you if additional information is needed.

The exact moment your racquet is received the service work is performed. We then contact you upon completion to confirm your shipping address and collect your payment information. Your racquet is then shipped back the same day, when possible, and the following morning at the very latest. We provide DISCOUNTED return shipping via the USPS. You pay $7.00 and we pay the remainder. For your convenience, we accept Visa and Mastercard payments.

When shipping USPS Priority Mail, we suggest shipping your racquet in its thermal cover. Two Priority Mail boxes taped together create the perfect mailing solution for those concerned about how to box and ship the racquet. Best of all, these boxes are available to you from your local post office for no charge.

We have customers outside of our delivery area who reside in Atlanta and Athens (and as far away as Arizona ) who take advantage of this service. If a metro Atlanta or Athens area racquet is mailed in the AM, it usually arrives by 2:30 the following day. The requested service is performed and the racquet is back in the mail no later than 8:30AM the following morning. Customer receives her/his racquet the next day. Let's take a closer look at this typical timeline.

1. Customer breaks string during weekend match. Mails racquet Monday morning.

2. Racquet is received and serviced Tuesday afternoon.

3. Racquet is shipped back Wednesday morning.

4. Racquet is received by customer Thursday afternoon.

In many instances this timeline provides service as fast or faster than big-box retailers such as Sports Authority or Dick's Sporting Goods. Plus we offer our customers a full-time professional racquet care technician who personally services your racquet; a significant difference from a part-timer who may or may not understand the finer points of stringing.

NOTE: This is an example timeline that has been tested. It can not be guaranteed that the racquet will always move through the postal system this rapidly, especially during the holiday season.

Mailing address:
Guts and Glory Tennis, LLC
1400 Buford Hwy
Bldg. H2
Sugar Hill, GA 30518

COST: Please refer to pricing in the string section of this site. Also note that our customers pay the first $7.00 of return shipping charges and we pay the rest when shipping via USPS Priority Mail. If another shipping method is desired, we will work with you, but please be aware the costs may be greater. Just give us a call at 404-926-6060 and let's see what we can work out.

NOTE: Customers using this service are not eligible for our stringing services specials.

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