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Pro-Stringer Claws (Flying Clamps)

Pro-Stringer Claws (Flying Clamps)

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Pro-Stringer Claws

Every once in a blue moon a new product is introduced to the world of stringing that offers true innovation and change.  The Pro-Stringer is one of these products.  Nothing like it has ever been offered and it is changing the tennis racquet stringing paradigm for thousands of players and in the process giving them better results and saving them money.

Pro-Stringer has taken their ability to innovate and have created what we believe are the most innovative flying clamps ever produced.  Introducing the Pro-Stringer Claws.  This clamping system offers the most reliable, accurate and precise clamping of ANY clamping system we have encountered...including fixed clamping systems.  

What makes them unique?  The patented biangular design allows the Claws to adjust to the spacing between the strings before clamping off.  This eliminates the strings being pulled together in order to accommodate the width of the clamp...something never seen before in flying clamps.  Simply put, it is the best and most accurate clamping system available today.  

Clamps come in two widths.  Medium fits most spacing in 16 x 18, 16 x 19 and 16 x 20 string patterns.  Large fits best with wide patterns such as 14 x 16 and outer mains and crosses.  We string a variety of racquets and exclusively use the PS Claws.  We find a combination of 2 Medium and 1 Large to be optimal/ideal.  We prefer using the 2 medium for mains and sometimes use the large for outermains.  We then use large for top crosses and then switch to medium until the end when the gap which point we switch out to the large.  Claws are industrial grade aluminum and operate as smoothly.

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