Pink Neon

Pink Neon

Price: $6.90

While they do not necessarily make you run faster or jump higher, you will be on the cutting edge of fun and pop fashion!  The new Shwings are terrific for tennis players of all ages.  (They are also great for soccer players, lacrosse players, track stars, basketball and volleyball...heck, even hockey!)  The bold and vibrant colors are easily attached to your tennis shoes and send a clear message to your opponent that they are about to tangle with a free-spirited, creative force!

Shwings easily lace into any pair of sneakers.  One set is traditionally situated so that one wing is laced on the outside of each shoe.  For those looking to get super fancy, you can trick out your kicks by mixing colors and using a double wing instead of a single.  Lace 'em high or lace 'em's up to you.  Mix, match, trade and have a blast!

Kids love 'em!  Adults love 'em!  Celebrities love 'em!  Athletes from all sports love them!   You will love them too!

Try some today and while you are at it, why not get some to share with your BFF, family members and teammates?  

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