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WeissCANNON NewElement 500 - CANADA

WeissCANNON NewElement 500 - CANADA

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"WeissCANNON NewElement 500"

WeissCANNON has once again created a new string that is exciting and special.  It features a *NEW & INNOVATIVE* string construction and materials. Like all WeissCANNON offerings this new product continues to push design elements while delivering exceptional and unique on court performance.

Technically this string is considered a multifilament offering, though in reality it might be most accurately described as a dual solid core with a unique wrapping structure.  However you choose to classify it, the design is unlike any offering that preceded the NewElement 500.  The core is constructed of twin monofilament bundles which are bound together with a combination of twisted micromonofils
and super synthethic polyamids.  The coating is an elastic based resin with nano fibers for the best possible combination of flexibility and durability.

Advantage: The technology behind this string creates a hitting sensation that delivers exceptional power and feel with spin that exceeds the standards of most multis.  The durability is above average in the class and while this string makes a great full setup, it is also an interesting cross string when combined with poly-based mains like Silverstring and Black5Edge.

Gauges: 1.34mm (16ga) +/-0.02 and 1.27mm (16Lga)
Note: The string is highly elastic and when tensioned it provides the level of performance of a thinner gauge string.

Length: 660'

Color: Black

Why we carry this string: It is another exciting new offering that once again provides distinct performance characteristics that we have come to expect from WeissCANNON strings. 

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