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WeissCANNON Explosiv! - 660' Reels - CANADA

WeissCANNON Explosiv! - 660' Reels - CANADA

Price: $156.90

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"WeissCANNON Explosiv! Take it to the courts...You'll have a blast!"

Siegfried Weiss, owner and founder of WeissCANNON, has already used his engineering background in fibers technology to create the most technologically advanced and best playing poly based string currently on the market. (WeissCANNON Silverstring) For an encore, he has now taken his engineering experiences and created what is arguably the finest performing multifilament string produced to date. Guts and Glory Tennis is absolutely delighted to introduce this new, ultimate performance string to the USA.

The core of this premium multi is comprised of over 1200 ultra thin, high-elastic twisted fibers. The special resin coating is unique and new. It is a proprietary mixture consisting of molybden, resins, and other nano additives. Not polyurethane based like many others currently on the market.

Advantage: A soft-playing multi with phenomenal tension maintenance properties. The Explosiv! is a tension maintenance champion leading to peek performance for a longer duration than other multifilaments currently in the marketplace.

Gauges: 1.30mm (16ga)
Note: The string is highly elastic and when tensioned it provides the level of performance of a thinner gauge string with durability that surpasses other premium multifilaments.

Length: 660'
(One of few premium multis available in reel form. Cost per set in this volume is less than $10.00)

Color: Butter

Why we carry this string:Because it is by far the best performing multifilament string we have ever played. It is both fantastic and magical...thus we describe it as FANTASTICAL! Extremely comfortable and arm-friendly, holds tension and playing properties beyond reasonable expectation. In our initial playtest, after 30 days and 15 hours of playing time, the string had lost a total of just 13% which is what most competitors lose overnight! The color is no coincidence since this string plays buttery soft at net.

Playtest Results: We have conducted an extensive playtest of this string and have posted the results at our online blog. Please follow this link for the Explosiv! Playtest Review

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