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WeissCANNON Black5Edge - 660' Reel - CANADA

WeissCANNON Black5Edge - 660' Reel - CANADA

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"Taking to the Courts with Heavy Artillery...WeissCANNON USA!"

WeissCANNON, while a youthful company in the world of tennis string manufacturing, is rapidly becoming one of the most respected due to the quality and innovation of the product line they have developed.  The Black5Edge vaults that quality to dizzying new performance heights as WeissCANNON has clearly taken a quantum leap forward with this string that is virtually guaranteed to amaze and delight players of ALL levels.

Is it possible for a string to be too good?  If so, the Black5Edge may be the string to earn that label. The Australian distributor for WeissCANNON calls it "Too good to be legal!"  In fact, they may not be too far off with that statement.

Construction: Constructed of the HIGHEST grade premium co-polymer materials reinforced with fluorcarbon trace elements and powerful chemical additives.  The chemical predecessor to this string is the hugely successful Silverstring.  The Black5Edge features the same basic core construction with the bonus of advanced chemical elements and variations in concentration along with a Pentagonal profile to propel it into an entirely new classification of poly-based string.  We call it "poly-plush." The Black5Edge is manufactured in Germany to exacting standards that are ISO 9001 certified for consistency.

Advantage: The pentagonal profile is the angular extrusion type that produces the maximum amount of spin and slice.  The edges of the string combined with a finishing process that promote a snapping action in the stringbed create massive spin on demand resulting in a lethal combination of spin, power and control.  Like the Silverstring, the Black5Edge is extremely arm friendly and offers that special "smooth" feeling from all areas of the court. 

Gauges: 17 (1.24mm) Only
Length: 660' Reel
Colors: Black

Why We Carry This String:
Because it is indeed the world's first "poly-plush" offering.  The Black5 Edge is a complete and versatile poly-based string that will easily meet the needs of demanding tournament level adults and juniors as well as league and recreational players of virtually all skill levels.  It shines in all areas that a string can possibly be measured. If you are seeking a poly-based string that will provide you with the maximum spin, slice and control possible coupled with outstanding tension/property maintenance and a poly-plush feeling, then look no further, this string is for you. 


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