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MSV Focus Hex™ Soft - 660' Reel - CANADA

MSV Focus Hex™ Soft - 660' Reel - CANADA

Price: $92.90

Shipping: Free

Construction: A unique soft-feel co-polyester monofilament featuring a hexagonal profile.

Advantage: This poly-based string offering features all of the advantages of the immensely popular MSV Focus HEX with a softer feel and improved tension maintenance.  It is a long- lasting performer and when the name of the game is SPIN...this string delivers! 

In addition to spin and ability to hold it's playability, this string is also extremely comfortable. German lab tests have shown it to be superior to leading brands in the categories of elongation and elasticity. This leads to added comfort, power and all-around solid performance.

Gauges: 16 (1.30), 17 (1.25), 17L (1.20mm), and 18 (1.15mm)

Length: 660' Reels

Colors: White, Red,Yellow, Aqua

Why we carry this string: Because MSV Hex has found a huge audience with US Tennis players due to the price to performance ratio.  We believe some players seeking the performance of Focus Hex with added comfort will be attracted to this offering.

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