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L-TEC Premium Black OS - Mini Spool - CANADA

L-TEC Premium Black OS - Mini Spool - CANADA

Price: $54.40

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L-TEC Premium Black OS

L-TEC Premium Black OS is a traditionally shaped copoly string designed with a premium placed on comfort.  It features controllable power along with an almost plush response.

L-TEC Premium strings are the first brand to be specifically conceived and engineered to work together in hybrid combinations with one another at low tensions for optimal performance.  Strung within an approximate range of 38 lbs – 48 lbs users will find an ideal blend of control, power and comfort.  

Construction: Comprised primarily of co-polymers plus carbon fibers and proprietary additives.

Advantage: The L-TEC Black OS is designed with a premium placed on comfort.  It is a very powerful offering that possesses the desirable characteristics of copoly strings with plenty of comfort.

Gauges: 18 (1.20mm)

Length: 164 feet = (4 Full Sets/8 Hybrid Sets)

Color: Black

Why we carry this string: It is one of the most comfortable copolys on the market and because of the comfort and spin it is extremely interesting and versatile in the creation of custom hybrids.

NOTE:  Installing strings with a method to preserve elasticity and allowing the strings to perform at their best for an extended period of time with negligible loss of tension is recommended.  L-TEC suggests two options for installation.

Basic - easy for all stringers
Advanced - JET Method for experienced/professional stringers.

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