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"Knot Too Far!" Distance Racquet Stringing Service

Guts and Glory Tennis is eager to reshape the way tennis players in the Southeastern USA (and beyond) access professional tennis racquet stringing services.   Our vision is for the process to be simple, reliable, convenient and fast.  The outcome for those making use of this service will be a customized string bed that will produce the best possible on court performance.  Best of all, freshly strung racquets will be delivered directly to your door!

The easy-breezy details of our service that vitalizes your equipment to play better tennis are outlined below.   


1. Place your order online  (Click here for order page)
This step initiates the process. Shortly after receiving your order, we will reach out to you via email, phone or text, (your choice), for a service consultation.

2. Service Consultation
During our consultation we will learn about your style of play, preferred strings, tensions and other technical details regarding your equipment.  For new customers this is the MOST IMPORTANT part of the process because it is where we work with you to determine a setup that will compliment your playing style and enhance your game. Do not worry if you do not know what string type or tension you have been using.  We will make it easy for you by guiding the conversation and together we will get the information needed to do a fantastic job on your racquet.  

3. Shipping
This service makes use of FedEx shipping as a convenient, reliable and fast method to get your racquet(s) to us and back to your doorstep.  If you already have a racquet shipping box we will email you a pre-paid shipping label to print and attach to your box following our consultation.

You will pack your racquet(s), attach the label and drop at a one of over 60,000 FedEx Drop Locations.  Please contact us if you would like assistance locating one nearby. Click for Additional Shipping Option Details  

4. We Make the Magic Happen
Once your racquet(s) arrive they are unpackaged and serviced to your exact specifications. ALL RACQUETS will always be serviced by our senior lead racquet technician with over 25 years of professional racquet stringing experience.  Return shipping to you is initiated within 24 hours or sooner during our regular business hours M - F.  

5. Delivery to Your Doorstep
You will be notified via email with tracking and delivery information for your racquet(s).  You can use the tracking number to manage delivery of your package


$49 - 1 Racquet
 $79 - 2 Racquets
 $99 - 3 Racquets 

Pricing includes your choice of strings plus shipping.


Overgrip (Free)Natural Gut ($)
Grip Replacement ($) Grip Enlargement ($)
Dampener ($)Home Pickup ($)


We ship via FedEx Ground.  This service delivers 7 days per week.  Depending on location, racquet will take 1 - 4 days for delivery. (See Map Below)  We will turn it around and initiate return shipment to you within 24 hrs of receipt during (M - F) Contact us and we can estimate the day you can expect to find your racquet returned.

This service has been conceived for tennis players who reside in the SE United States because of the 1 day shipping time.  (Refer to pink section of map below)  Those outside the pink area are welcome to use the service, but the timing is less speedy depending upon location. 

EXAMPLE:  If a customer in Southeastern USA (pink area) mails in the AM, it usually arrives by 2:30 the following day. The requested service is performed and the racquet is back in the mail no later than 10:00 am the following morning. Customer receives her/his racquet the next day. Let's take a closer look at this sample timeline.

1. Customer breaks string during weekend match. Mails racquet Sunday evening/Monday morning.

2. Racquet is received and serviced Tuesday afternoon.

3. Racquet is shipped back no later than Wednesday morning.

4. Racquet is received by customer Thursday afternoon.

This timeline may actually be faster when circumstances are right. In some instances, depending on work load,  we are able to string and ship the racquet the same day it is received.  In these situations if the racquet is received Monday, it will be turned around and mailed back the same day and the customer will receive her/his racquet on Tuesday.  

The process we have developed allows for our customers to receive completed service as fast or faster than using big-box retailers and many other local stringing options, with the added bonus of not needing to finagle your schedule to fit into the traditional retail pickup/drop off times.  

Below is a delivery map showing FedEx Ground transit times in the continental USA


1.  CONSISTENCY.  Your racquet will be strung by the same technician each time it is serviced.  Our technician has 25+ years of full time experience and is nationally recognized as being an industry expert in the area of strings and stringing. This is unique from other mail-in services who have multiple stringers performing the work, most of whom are not full-time professionals.  In many ways this service is equivalent to hiring your own personal stringer.

2.  PERFORMANCE.  Our senior lead technician will work with you to not only determine string type and tension, but to really focus on a setup that will deliver desired performance outcomes.  Learn more about our Racquet Vitalization Services.  

3. SPEEDY TURN AROUND TIME. We work hard to get your racquet(s) serviced and back to you promptly.  No delays.  Your racquet(s) will receive priority attention. 




- League and Tournament Players who value consistency in stringing services
- Players who value an outstanding racquet stringing service delivered in a fast and convenient manner
-  Players who may not have easy access to local racquet stringing services
-  Players desiring specific stringing techniques such as our method for those suffering from equipment related arm issues
-  Busy professionals who may not have the flexibility to easily schedule a separate drop off and pick up during traditional business hours
- Players who value supporting family-run businesses, such as ours  

We provide fast, efficient, & high-quality stringing services to anyone who desires to work with us. Our services are particularly useful for intermediate / advanced / professional level league and tournament players who value consistency and want their equipment to be vitalized to produce the best possible on court performance. We also offer proprietary stringing techniques combined with products that are proven to help when players are suffering from equipment related elbow issues.

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