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A Clamping Revolution: “CLAWS” Add Precision & Passion to Your Stringing Arsenal.

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Attention Stringers and Tennis Enthusiasts…
May we have your attention please?

image1 (1)A brand new, highly innovative product has hit the tennis marketplace.  We believe this product offers the potential to change the way you go about stringing; making it easier, more pleasurable and more precise than ever before. Introducing the Pro Stringer Claws!

Nowadays, it is a rare occurrence when new stringing tools are made available to the tennis community.  With the advent of the Pro Stringer Claws, players and stringers will have access to an innovative and arguably superior clamping system.  In terms of flying clamps, the Pro Stringer Claws are changing the game and in a very good way.

Clearly Pro Stringer customers were the intended audience when the Claws were being developed.  The original clamping system was a weak spot in the Pro Stringer ecosphere. In fact, many Pro Stringer users, including myself, opted to invest in and use Stringway flying clamps instead of the clamps included with the original Pro Stringer Platinum package.  Now, with the introduction of Pro Stringer Claws, the clamping system is suddenly on par or superior to any in the stringing world…including fixed clamp systems.  Hold that thought.

So, if you are currently using flying clamps with your stringing system, you may want to take a closer look and consider upgrading from traditional flying clamps to Pro Stringer Claws.  The benefits are many including superior build quality, smooth operation and here is the biggie… “Biangular Precision Technology.”

This patent pending technology is a large part of what makes the Claws special.  As you can see from the image below the center portion of the claw, (PS Claw on right), that touches the strings is angled, and this is wherein the genius lies.  Traditional flying clamps have a fixed width, (see clamp on left), and when the string spacing exceeds this width the flying clamp pinches the two strings together to fit into the predefined spacing.  The net result is a stringbed that has multiple strings out of alignment at the end of the stringing process.  With the Pro Stringer Claws, this spacing is variable and the Claw essentially nestles itself into this string gap and gently caresses the strings while holding them steady without altering their alignment.  It’s incredibly efficient and results in a stringbed that needs very little if any adjusting when the racquet comes off the machine.

Earlier we alluded to the fact that the Pro Stringer Claws produce results as precise or better than any clamping system, including fixed clamps.  This is not a type-o nor the outpouring of a deranged mind.  It is a FACT.  We have tested the Claws vs. the fixed clamping system on our Baiardo and our Babolat Star 5; two high-end professional stringing machines.  The results, as measured by a Babolat Racquet Diagnostic Center (RDC) and a Stringmeter, consistently show stringing with the Claws produce results nearly identical to the fixed clamps.  While RDC stringbed stiffness results off the machine are identical, there is a slight variance when measured at 24 hours off the machine.  Here’s the interesting part…the fixed clamps often show a steeper drop in stringbed stiffness after 24 hours than the Claws.  Also the Stringmeter reveals greater tension consistency across the stringbed in the mains when measuring racquets strung with the Pro Stringer Claws vs. fixed clamps.  These results deserve their own blog entry and we plan to create one in the near future.  We will explain in greater detail why these results are occurring and why Pro Stringer Claws are creating results that are at the upper echelon of consistency.

Sneak preview:  It’s not sorcery, rather the impressive results are baked into the overall experience of using the Pro Stringer Claws.  Hold that thought.

We have long been advocates of stringing with flying clamps.  It is not uncommon for us to go through periods where we remove the fixed clamps from our Baiardo in favor of using flying clamps. We eventually decide to go back, mostly due to not being fans of the disheveled string alignment issue. In time we return to fliers for a bit and then switch back again to fixed clamps.  With the advent of the Pro Stringer Claws, this back and forth dance has ceased.  Once we started testing the Claws, well over 1000 frames ago, we realized there was simply no going back. Our fixed clamps have effectively been banished to a dungeon where they only emerge when a rare OS fan-pattern frame ventures into our shoppe.

The Pro Stringer Claws are constructed of a premium aluminum based alloy.  The weight is approximately 3 oz heavier than traditional plastic flying clamps and 4 oz lighter than other heavy-duty flying clamps.  This makes them easy to use, sturdy, efficient, reliable and able to stand the test of time.

P_20200416_111240_1 The Claws are indeed perhaps the most gorgeous clamps to ever grace the tennis stringing world.  They are also brilliantly constructed.  Polished and refined materials coupled with superior ergonomics lead to an unparalleled user experience. The handle is ultra smooth and contoured to the point you will swear it was custom made to perfectly cradle your thumb. When you clamp off, the click is smooth and nicely dampened.  Users simply tilt and slide the claws into place and then they experience the joy of activating them into locking position. It is a smooth, luxurious and completely unique feel.

Getting back to THAT thought.  In short, the Pro Stringer Claws are the SEXIEST clamps ever made.  Sexy clamps defined as having soul, a tremendous fun factor and enormous versatility.  Most stringing equipment, especially clamps, are utilitarian in nature.  They are efficient, mechanical (soulless) and get the job done.  However, the Claws bring artistry and passion back into the stringing process.  Suddenly stringing becomes an art form as the stringer is more engaged, passionate and connected to the entire experience.  The rote and monotonous motions are replaced with creative flare.  The claws help the stringer transition back in time to an era when tasks were performed by craftspeople with feeling and passion.  Suddenly the stringer is stringing with increased amounts of heart and soul.  It is an exhilarating change leading to results that can not be surpassed.  Best of all, it brings new levels of fun and joy into the stringing process.

We have found the optimal setup consists of 3 clamps.  Yes, 2 can be used, but ideally 2 medium and 1 large will allow stringers to easily handle virtually all possible stringing scenarios. We have thoroughly enjoyed stringing over 1000 frames using this combination and it is the ideal setup we are strongly recommending.

The Pro Stringer Claws are stunning – from design to functionality and way they invigorate and inspire the person lucky enough to be using them.  Are they perfect?  Almost.  We would like to see a more elegant way to adjust the Claws for different gauge strings, but that is a small nuisance.  It just takes a moment with a screwdriver, but we hope one day they will feature a method where they can be adjusted by hand rather than requiring a tool.

Are you ready to add precision, passion and soul into your stringing?  If so, Pro Stringer Claws are available from our web site, click here.  They are also available directly from Pro Stringer.

“BLADES OF GLORY” Calling League And Tournament Players!

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bnGuts and Glory Tennis is a leader in optimizing your equipment to enhance your game.  We combine extensive knowledge of our MSV and WeissCANNON string offerings with information about your preferred racquet frame and style of play to design a personal setup that will help you #PlayBetterTennis.  If you are not currently using our strings, we know we can create a custom setup that will not only excite you, but save you considerable money on stringing.  Read on…

As we creep up on retirement age, we are hoping to contribute to the tennis community that we adore in new and exciting ways that will take the current tennis sponsorship paradigm and shake it to the very core.  We are working closely with our partner companies to create a program unique in the world of tennis…and quite frankly long overdue!

Guts and Glory Tennis is delighted to announce that we are seeking tournament and league players of diverse ages, genders, races and skill levels to offer stringing support sponsorships.  Yes, that is correct.  No longer are we only sponsoring select highly ranked juniors and tour level players…rather we are interested in introducing our strings to the players who are the backbone of the sport with various sponsorship packages.  We are seeking influential players on league teams and who play in tournaments.  Players who are genuinely interested in improving their games, helping their teammates/training partners, and saving money on stringing are our target market.  We are looking to create  mutually beneficial sponsorship packages.  If you think you might be interested, please contact us.

We are also keenly interested in supporting tennis stringers of all levels by offering discount buying programs for our WeissCANNON and MSV string products.  If you are offering stringing services and are interested in purchasing at discount levels, we would be eager to work with you and discuss how we can save you money and help you increase your profits per stringing.

The Legend of L-TEC Premium Tennis Strings (BLOW OUT SALE IN PROGRESS!)

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L-TEC Premium logo1In 2011 a brash and bold new stringing upstart thrust itself upon the US stringing market.  The strings represented the very best work of John Elliot, who is known in the profession as the “Father of Polyester Strings”  At the time, Mr. Elliot had a hand in developing a huge number of poly and copoly strings in production.  L-TEC represented the best of his work and was considered to be the ultimate in terms of overall playability, tension maintenance and overall performance.  This is the string line that would change tennis.

Indeed L-TEC created a stir in the marketplace.  It broke convention in many ways.  It was presented as a complete stringing system.  The L-TEC system was the first to make use of the poly/poly hybrid using differently shaped polys in the mains and crosses to create custom effects.  Today many string companies are pre-packaging differently shaped polys, but L-TEC was the first.  No one prior to L-TEC had any such offering.

L-TEC was the first poly-based string to specifically call for stringers to install it the way it was designed to perform best…at LOW tensions.  (Well, lower than synthetic and natural guts.)  L-TEC boldly made the claim that polys needed to be strung low for optimal performance and laid the ground work for polys to be strung at lower tensions (in the 30’s and 40’s) and still maintain outstanding control.  In an effort to help support this, L-TEC promoted a method of stringing that resulted in a terrific playing stringbed at lower tensions.  While some polys suggest dropping tension by 10%, none went to the length of making such a strong suggestion and providing support and a method for stringing.

L-TEC strings were the first in any marketplace to offer a square shaped string.  Today there are many square shaped strings available, but once again, L-TEC blazed that trail and showed how to hybrid that offering with huge versatility for outstanding effects and results.  In fact, the L-TEC 3S/4S combination is the only hybrid that was ever successfully patented because of the unique performance characteristics it delivered.

L-TEC strings bravely and boldly entered the marketplace at premium pricing.  Very bold for a new company.  L-TEC was the most expensive strings in the marketplace, by far.  It was a premium string aiming for players who wanted the best performance regardless of the cost.  It is likely that L-TEC paved the way for other strings to increase pricing once it was realized the market would bear higher pricing.  This is one of the unfortunate legacies of the L-TEC string.

LTECOSreelL-TEC was the first company to offer their strings in half sets, full sets, 1/4 reels, 1/2 reels, full reels and oversized reels. Today we see some string companies offering half reels and even half sets, but to date, no one is offering customers the convenient variety of L-TEC.  Of course since the system allowed for a variety of shapes to be blended the smaller volumes made this easier for customers to experiment.

Yes, L-TEC changed the tennis string market in many ways.  Unfortunately the premium pricing model was proven as not being able to succeed without major marketing dollars behind it and L-TEC became a niche string. Today, we are sad to announce, that we will no longer be carrying the legendary L-TEC strings.  It is time to move on.  While it is sad to watch this legend leave the US shores, it will be remembered fondly.  It is truly a brand that blazed trails and left an indelible mark.

The good news for US residents is that we have a nice inventory on hand that we are blowing it out at fantastic savings!  Strings that were once selling for $19 per set have been drastically reduced.  We have created a one of a kind sale for this unique string.  A sale of which has never been offered before.

We possess a substantial amount of these Premium L-TEC offerings in full sets, 1/4 reels, 1/2 reels, as well as the full reels and oversized reels that were once reserved for retailers ONLY.  For our clearance sale, we have created a unique ordering process.  Customers let us know how many full stringings they desire and we, in turn, will fulfill the order with whatever sizes are most efficient for processing the order.  Better yet, customers used to have to order larger quantities to bring the cost per set down, but in this clearance we are selling at BELOW the lowest cost per set and well below wholesale.  This is the best deal Guts and Glory Tennis has ever offered.  L-TEC Premium strings are still the top performance polys on the market and we are making them available to you at just $3.00 per stringing!!!  BEST. DEAL. EVA!

L-TEC Premium String Sale is HERE.



Okay…I’m unofficially the first StringWeavers Fanboy!

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In my last post I reviewed the new StringWeaver tool. Since then I have continued making use of it and enjoying it more each and every day. Since the review, there have been some newer developments that are worth sharing.

I have found for me, I get best results using the method I described in the previous post. AND as promised…I am delivering a video demonstrating the process and method I use with this tool. No, the video is not professionally produced and I don’t always find the correct word for what I am describing, but I decided to roll with it anyway. Just think of it as sort of a facebook live video with some fast forward action and silly music during the boring parts.

Here are my newest comments. When I was using the dense pattern tool (blue one), I noted that it actually only touched and activated the open channel for 14 of the 18 strings. This left two on each side that were not being activated by the tool. For an experienced stringer using the tool in the context that I use it, this was not a problem. In fact, I preferred it. So I contacted the inventor and suggested that he think about creating versions for the more open stringbeds that only activated 12 of the 16 mains instead of 14. He sent me some prototypes and IMO, these rock for professional stringers. It takes a great tool and makes it even greaterer.

Essentially the prototypes I am using make the tool smaller allowing it to remain in the stringbed for a longer period of time. It also helps address the issue of the unit being difficult to remove. While it may make getting started a little trickier for those newer to stringing, in my opinion it is worth it. I am not sure if StringWeavers will eventually offer this size, but if they do, I heartedly recommend them. They rock!

I have also finally figured out how to best manage the placement of the tool. For me, I prefer to start the tool about 3/4 deep in the stringbed and then after a few crosses are installed, move it down to almost as low as it will go. I find weaving with the slightly less raised portion of the channel works best. I then fan the string to the open part of the channel when pulling the string through.

So, why make a video and another blog entry on a product that I do not sell? I think of it as a service to the professional stringing community in raising awareness about this tool. I deem it absolutely fantastic and have grown to the point where I strongly dislike stringing without it. It is available from

StringWeavers are Rockin’ Our World!

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It is indeed an extremely rare occurance for racquet technicians/stringers to be presented with new tool options. Sure the standard cutters can be improved and premium string clippers and awls can be introduced, but I can not recall the last time a tool was created that generated so much excitement for me when stringing. I am first to admit, I’m a gadget guy. I enjoyed using “The String Thing” to straighten strings, I enjoyed when I purchased my Xuron cutters, my UltraSport tension calibrator, my Craftsman R6265 electric stapler, my Beers ERT 300, my GSS RAB starting clamp, My RAB grommet grinders, my beloved Hansen Tacker, my stethoscope and even my Stringway Cross Stringing Tools. However, none of them, NONE, have gotten as much continual use and have been able to make my job easier and more enjoyable on a daily basis than the new StringWeaver tools.

Quite frankly stringing with the StringWeavers is an unexpected joy. When I set out to first test them, I was skeptical. I had no idea how easy they would be to use nor did I expect that they would quickly become my favorite stringing tool ever. So what exactly are they and why I am so passionate about them?

StringWeaver currently makes 3 versions of their device. Each is designed to work in harmony with different density stringbeds. Once the main strings are in place, the StringWeaver tool is placed into the stringbed. It fits easily onto the main strings. Once it is placed onto the strings, the stringer simply slides the plates to latch it into place. If you are familiar with the Stringway Cross Stringing tool, it is infinitely easier and less clunky to install and use.

What this tool does is to raise and lower alternating strings to create a channel allowing easy installation of the cross strings. It is essentially the same effect that stringers have been using for years with the “one ahead” weaving method, only with the StringWeaver tool engaged, the channel is a little deeper and makes installing the cross strings infinitely easier. While weaving is not necessarily a difficult challenge (or any challenge for that matter) for an experienced stringer, the tool provides some specific advantages in addition to making it easier to get the string in place. Specifically, the larger channel makes it much easier to install stiff strings. Some of the new stiff poly-based strings with sharp profiles can make the fingertips of even the most grizzled stringing professionals numb after just a few frames. Enter the StringWeaver tool. With the enhanced channel, the strings can be placed into the stringbed more freely and easily resulting in less friction and discomfort for the fingertips of the person installing the strings.

But wait, there’s more! In addition to less friction while weaving, you can use the tool to create a nearly friction free channel for pulling the crosses. This reduces the chances of notching and actually allows the stringer to gain some time in the stringing process as they can pull more rapidly with no fear of notching or burning. I really appreciate this option when stringing natural gut. Pulling the natural gut through a practically friction free channel is the best possible scenario for this living, breathing, somewhat fragile string. Professional stringers know that all the passes through the channels, no matter how careful, can twist the gut a little and wear on the protective coating. These issues, common to pulling/properly installing natural gut crosses, are all but eliminated when incorporating the StringWeaver tool into the stringing process.

In my business I string a significant amount of sharp profiled poly-based strings. This tool saves a tremendous amount of wear and tear on my fingertips. After receiving the tool and thoroughly testing it, I found myself using it more and more in many scenarios, not just for poly-based offerings. For instance, I found it useful/helpful when installing sticky multifilaments. It made pulling crosses much easier with no fear of notching. As mentioned above, using with natural gut is now essential for me as there are just too many advantages to ignore. I also enjoy using it with most synthetic gut at 58 jobs, just because it has now become part of how I string.

Initially I was concerned the tool may alter the results of my stringing. I was afraid that continually pushing down on the mains to create a channel would possibly stretch them out and perhaps create a looser stringbed. Then I wondered if pulling tension on the crosses while using the tool would alter the stringbed stiffness, perhaps making it tighter? So, I put it to the test. I strung the same racquet multiple ways and measured my results. My testing period lasted approximately two weeks. What I found was when I incorporated the tool into my stringing routine a certain way, the results were 100% identical to the method I use without the StringWeaver tool. I used my Babolat RDC to measure stringbed stiffness and I also used an ERT 300 to measure Dynamic Tension and my trusty String Meter so I could measure individual strings. Bottom line was I could create differing stringbed outcomes using the StringWeaver in some ways, but I could create identical outcomes to what I always get, using the method I describe below.

The next paragraph describes the process I use.  It is difficult to follow, but for those interested in the process, it provides detail.  I hope to someday soon produce a video which will be a far better way to demonstrate how I use it.

I always install and tension the first two cross strings and have the 3rd string in place, but not tensioned.  At that point I insert the StringWeaver.   I then trigger the switch on the tool to open the channel and then weave the 4th cross string into place through the open channel. Next, I pull tension on the 3rd cross string. (Note: I am essentially using the one ahead stringing method for crosses that I always use) After clamping off, I then pull the rest of the string through the channel. Once the string is all pulled through I switch the trigger on the StringWeaver and reverse the channel. I then push string number 4, which is installed but not yet tensioned, up against string #3. (Note that because the channel has been reversed string #4 is now in a hard weave environment.)  I go ahead and install cross string number 5. I pull through the string leaving enough to reach the tensioner. I then tension string #4, (the string that is now in a hard weave environment) pull the rest of the string through, switch the trigger to reverse the channel and repeat the process.  I have found the results using this method and sequencing changes nothing in my stringing results, but makes stringing much more pleasant for me.

It should be noted that when I was pulling tension with an open channel, my results varied from my norm. The stringbed was measuring tighter, but not by as much as I initially projected. I strung several rounds with the open method and it did produce identical results, but these results did not match the results I get when not using the StringWeaver.

Did it save me time? Honestly, I am not sure. In some cases I may have shaved a minute or two off of my stringing time and in some cases I may have added a couple of minutes. Time was not a factor one way or the other for me. However, for someone who does not string often or is learning, the StringWeaver may indeed save a significant amount of time. Weaving is just easier with this tool.

As much as I love the StringWeavers and fully endorse and embrace them, there are a couple of areas which new users will want to be aware. Currently the tool needs to be removed anywhere from the last 2 – 5 cross strings. (Using my preferred method) This is the area of the stringbed where weaving is the most difficult/challenging. With some frames the unit is too big/long to operate reasonably in the lower parts of the head. Also on some frames the StringWeaver can become stuck. The sliding process that allows the tool to disengage from the stringbed becomes extremely tight and difficult to implement. It needs to be cajoled in order to disengage and this can slow things down and become disconcerting if the tool decides to be obstinate about removal. This occurs mostly when, using my method, the tool is pushed to the very limits for working during the installation of cross strings. I now take it out a string earlier so as not to have to wrestle with it, but it means I do have to endure an extra weave or two in the most difficult part of the frame. It should be noted that the manufacturer does recommend a different process, but he does suggest removing the tool before tensioning the final cross strings.

Finally, some readers may wonder how the StringWeavers compare to the StringWay cross stringing tool. In my estimation there is no real comparison. The StringWeavers are infinitely easier to use. With the Stringway tool, the user just slides the string through the device rather than weaving. It is nifty and works, but I find when using the StringWeaver I am far less likely to produce a misweave error and it is faster and fits much better with my established stringing rhythm.

Guts and Glory Tennis does not sell or profit from this tool. We just discovered it works great for us and wanted to share our experiences. The device can be purchased online directly through the manufacturer who is USA based. Buy American!

Tennis Elbow – Our New Approach

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For more than 10 years, Guts and Glory Tennis has taken a keen interest in helping tennis players, both local and distance, who have been experiencing arm discomfort. We’ve seen A LOT, learned A LOT… AND we’ve helped HUNDREDS of players find a solution and resume playing free of pain.  We want to help even more players […]


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WeissCANNON has built a reputation for producing a line of high quality tennis products occasionally presented/packaged in a somewhat quirky manner. Their string naming convention is completely unpredictable but that is part of what makes the company unique and fun.  That said, WeissCANNON users are fiercely loyal to the brand and the reason is simple…WeissCANNON strings deliver predictable, […]


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WeissCANNON offers one of the most impressive lines of string in the tennis industry today.  The quality is ridiculously good and the price point makes them a steal of a deal.  WeissCANNON wants to earn your business and they are aggressively seeking new players who want to improve their games by upgrading to WeissCANNON strings. […]

Pro-Stringer – Initial Impressions

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Recently we had the opportunity to review one of the more interesting/innovative products we have seen–the Pro-Stringer.  For those who do not know of it yet, the Pro Stringer is the world’s smallest stringing machine.  The machine was originally conceived by a tour level player who wanted to be able to string for himself in […]

New…Free Shipping to Canada!

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Guts and Glory Tennis is delighted to announce that we have partially solved one of the huge logistical challenges we have been facing in providing products to non-commercial customers residing in Canada.  In the past, the shipping costs to send a parcel with tracking and insurance was extremely high and made ordering from us undesirable.  […]

Ode to the Mono

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Very little information is available online about the Prince Precision Mono, one of the coolest racquets ever produced. It is entirely possible this racquet was introduced years ahead of it’s time. The tennis world just wasn’t ready, and still isn’t ready, for a radical retro paradigm shift back to the monoshaft design. Still, this is […]

Sweet Spotter Sweetness.

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Last week I received an email message from a colleague in Germany.  He asked me “why don’t you carry the Sweet Spotter?”  My response was “what is a Sweet Spotter?” and that is how my newest journey began… Within minutes I was dialing up Mr. Google to see what the heck my friend was talking […]

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