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Signum Pro Poly Plasma

Signum Pro Poly Plasma

Price: $8.90

From newcomer to benchmark. Poly Plasma, first introduced to the U.S. through Guts and Glory Tennis, has become the co-poly string by which others are now measured. U.S. players have discovered the distinct advantages of this string and continue to use and appreciate the solid overall performance.

Construction: Using a new process and unique materials, Poly Plasma provides a softer playing mono string with solid tension holding properties.

Advantage: This premium poly composite outperforms most of it's competitors in terms of playability and tension maintenance. Players who have used this string claim it to be more arm-friendly than many traditional polys.

Gauges: 15L (1.33mm), 16 (1.28mm), 17 (1.23mm), & 18 (1.18mm)
Length: 40
Color: Pearlized Orange

Why we carry this string: Because this string is still one of the hottest copolys currently available, the color proves it! It has earned high levels of respect and acclaim in Europe as being a poly composite string that outlasts others in terms of tension maintenance and overall playability. It was named German Tennis Magazine's "String of the Year" for 2004.

Guts and Glory Tennis is proud to have been the first official US vendor for the Signum Pro tennis strings.


1. Stringers need to take extra care during stringing. A Nylon/Synthetic string is easier to string, and is less prone to premature breaking because it's more flexible. Stringers have to string more carefully with co-polyester strings, similar to the care used when stringing with natural gut.

2. These strings should NOT be pre-stretched. Prestretching can cause premature breakage.

3. Pull slowly by hand or use the slowest pull setting on your electronic machine.

4. Do not kink. Try reducing the number of sharp angles that can be multiplied when using a prelacing technique.

5. Do not overtighten clamps.

At Guts and Glory Tennis we have not had one single issue with premature breakage of this or any of the Signum Polys we have installed for our stringing customers. We have, however, had a three reports from our customers of the co-poly strings breaking while stringing or shortly after hitting the court. Following the above "tips," (from the manufacturer of Signum Pro strings), will help prevent any premature breakage with these co-poly strings.

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