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MSV Focus HEX ™ | MSV Sets
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MSV Focus HEX ™

Price: $7.90
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In Germany MSV stands for Mauve - Sport - Versand. We are convinced the English translation is --

More Sizzling Victories!

MSV Focus Hex ™ is a first-class string offering US consumers some significant firsts:

1. First poly-based string available in a solid BLACK color. (Predates Black Code and RPM Blast)

2. First poly-based string offering extremely reasonable durability that is available in an 18L, 1.10mm, version. (Sic, and we mean "SIC" spin potential!)

3. First high-quality HEX-shaped co-poly available at a cost of less than $9.00 per set.

Construction: New Generation poly-based string extruded in a Hexagonal form.

Advantage: This poly-based string offering features solid tension maintenance and long lasting performance but the most exciting advantage of this string is simply, "SPIN POTENTIAL." Playtesters describe this string in all gauges as "phenomenal" in regards to spin.  With the 1.10mm version, this may actually be an understatement!

In addition to spin and ability to hold it's playability, this string is also extremely comfortable. German lab tests have shown it to be superior to leading brands in the categories of elongation and elasticity. This leads to added comfort, power and all-around solid performance.

Gauges: 16L (1.27), 17 (1.23mm), 18 (1.18mm), and 18L (1.10mm)

Length: 40' Sets

Colors: White, Black, Red
Why we carry this string: Because it is one of the most exciting new poly-based strings to hit US shores. It is unique in many ways and is available at a reasonable cost to consumers.

Buy More and SAVE! - We now offer a Wholesale/Volume Discount Buying Program for pro shops, tennis retailers, schools, coaches and USRSA members. If you are a member of one of these groups and are interested in saving through volume purchasing, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with additional information.

Customer Reviews:

1.10 guage is crazy spin  

If your not a string breaker then you should try this. The spin is insane. All around better then average poly, but insane spin. Very crisp -- Paul
Spin galore!  

I figured this string would give me some extra spin, but I never imagined how much more spin I would receive. Plus it is comfortable with good power. The red looks great in my 6.1. Love this string. -- Marcus B.
MSV Focus Hex 1.10  

The only comment that needs to be listed here is simply this: This string is the best that has ever been been produced in the history of the tennis world-Period. -- Barry-Fischer Magnetic Comp 95@52lbs.
MSV & Jet - crazy results!!  

Historically I've been a string breaker, somewhere b/w 2-5 sets with syn gut or gut, but at this price and doing all of my own stringing, what did I really have to lose? I strung up two of my 93si Head Youtek IG Prestige mid's with the 1.10 ga at a Jet ref tens of 44#. To my complete shock, and using alternating racquets - mostly for grip - these two rackets lasted me from late June - November, while maintaining tension (w/i 2-4#s) and complete feel...I never felt like the rackets were playing any duller. Actually, I have only broken one set (tonight), though I have used that frame a bit more as of late with the cooler temps. Best guess I'd say I've put around 50 sets of play on this set of string, no less than 50 hours of hitting, and I'm a fairly hard hitter. Well worth the money and the 75 minute Jet method string job! The 1.10 provided me with all the control and spin of any string I've tried, including several of the L-Tec products, and for a great roi! Sean - 4.5 -- Sean
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