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Lessons learned from landscapers

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Two days ago was the first time in 16 years of home ownership that I hired a landscaper to do anything in my lawn other than treat for weeds. Until that time I did my own mowing, edging, pruning, blowing etcetera. Because all of our customers have been so good to us and have been […]

1/2 Sets now available + Look what we found.

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We’re cleaning our shop and have come across many reels that contain 20′ or more of string, but not the full 40′. Rather than recycle or keep it laying around we’d rather make it available to our online customers who may wish to put it to use. We are currently selling MSV Focus and Focus […]

Tweet with us!

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Hey kidos! We are now on Twitter. If you are an active twitterer, please follow us. We will tweet each time a new blog entry is added. We will keep our followers abreast of new products as they arrive. If we generate a good number of followers we will tweet about secret sales and much, […]

Price war? Okay, we’re in!

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(Please hum the Theme from Rocky as you read this post!) As indicated in a blog entry made earlier today, Topspin Tennis requested that we raise the price on the new Topspin Pure Concept because another US distributor complained our retail was too low for the product.  Shortly after raising our prices we received a […]

Guts and Glory Tennis – – Now on Facebook

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We freely admit to being social networking newbies.  Last week we spent some time setting up our personal facebook site and an interesting phenomena occurred.  Several of our local stringing customers requested us to befriend them online. As we became more familiar with the facebook community we learned that groups existed and we created a […]


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It’s 3:45pm EST on Friday and why not celebrate the weekend with another limited time secret sale?  Afterall these sales bring smiles to the face of our customers who receive incredible savings. This week much of the discussion and emails have centered around Topspin’s new product, the Concept Pure.  We are going to offer an […]

Welcome New Customers

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Guts and Glory Tennis would like to extend a special welcome to new stringing customers who formerly were being serviced locally by Coach Matt’s Tennis & More and Premier Tennis. Unfortunately in the past few weeks each of these local tennis retailers have had to close their doors. While we are always saddened to see […]


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WeissCANNON and Guts and Glory Tennis understand the financial challenges that these economic times are presenting to many throughout the USA. In an effort to be supportive of our customers who are seeking high quality strings at a price points they can afford, we are instituting a program where we subsidize pricing on select WeissCANNON […]

We’re at it again…

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Guts and Glory Tennis is proud of our pioneering spirit.  Whether people realize it or not, we have made a significant impact on tennis players throughout the USA with our ability to locate, playtest and introduce new string products to the US marketplace. Did you know we were the first in the USA to introduce […]

Happy New Year!

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We wish all of our readers and customers a terrific 2009! We invite you to continue reading our blog as 2009 has many exciting announcements in store. Our intent is to post new content at least 2x per week. We’ll have to see if we can make that happen this year. With the new posts […]

Explosiv! – Providing an update and debunking a myth

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– The WeissCANNON Explosiv! continues to astound us via our extended playtest. Please take a minute to view the amazing results by scrolling down a few listings or following this link. – A few weeks ago we posted that Explosiv! was encountering a worldwide shortage. As of this posting a new batch has been produced […]

WeissCANNON Explosiv!- Freakishly Good.

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Early reviews from the newest offering from WeissCANNON Explosiv! reveal the string is not only a top-quality multi, but it is literally a freak of nature! In all our years of playtesting we have never been as surprised by the performance of a string as we have been with the new Explosiv!. We came into […]

Free Pick-up & Delivery – Local Customers

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Save gas and money!!! Guts and Glory Tennis has always offered FREE racquet pick-up and delivery services for the convenience of our customers. With the outrageous cost of fuel, these services are now more valuable than ever. We can help our local customers save $$$ on your racquet stringing. With other services customers will drive […]

LaserFibre Phenom Update

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Many local customers know we are currently sold out of LaserFibre Supernatural Gut Phenom XRC in 16 and 17 gauge.  We appreciate your patience and want you to know we have spoken with LaserFibre to determine the delivery date.  The strings are currently being laser treated which is a process that is done in the […]

International Business Suspended

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Dear Friends Living Abroad: When Guts and Glory Tennis was founded in 2003, we built the business upon the cornerstone of unwavering customer service. Our published Philosophy of Service is to “Delight, marvel and inspire customers with world-class service emphasizing quality, consistency, innovation, convenience and value.” We began as a local business eventually expanding into […]

New Product: Tourna Grip II

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Earlier this year Unique Sports products was victorious in a lawsuit in which they successfully defended their trademarked color of overgrip. While the color is the same, the overgrip is new. For years the standard by which overgrips have been measured is the classic version of Tournagrip. While it remains an outstanding product that many […]

Give Me A Break!!!

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Our local stringing business is known for offering fast and convenient racquet pickup and delivery service. We provide this service to customers who reside in a certain delivery area. Yesterday we provided pickup service for one of our customers who recently moved into a local gated community. We went to the gate, picked up our […]

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