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Tidbit from the Grand Slam Stringer’s Symposium

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Earlier this month we had the opportunity to interact with some of the top professionals in the world of racquet stringing and customization.  One particular session we found facinating was facilitated by Mr. John Elliot who flew in from France to share some of his observations and thoughts on world of poly-based strings.  During his […]

Elbow Pain B-Gone!

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Guts and Glory Tennis spent last weekend attending the Grand Slam Stringer’s Symposium in FL.  We had the opportunity to speak directly with major racquet company product deisgners and product development specialists.  We came to the unfortunate conclusion that all the whining and complaining about unhealthy racquet specifications in the world is not going to […]

Grand Slam Stringers Symposium – a preview

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Stringers  from all over the world will convene in Orlando this weekend.  World class seminar leaders will be on hand to share first hand knowledge and insights.  We will be attending for our second consecutive year and we are filled with high expectations and excitement. We of course are looking forward to several formal sessions […]

Sharapova wisely reviewing her equipment, but is it too late?

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First, let us clearly state that shoulder injuries and possible causes are outside of our area of expertise.  We have studied and possess a solid understanding of tennis elbow, but shoulder issues are a different animal. With that duly noted, Maria Sharapova is currently attempting to comeback from serious shoulder surgery (rotator cuff).  We have […]

Price increases on horizon

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Dear friends and customers, Several years ago we set out to introduce the best playing string offerings for you at the best prices.  When we started importing and distributing MSV and WeissCANNON string products the US dollar was trading to the Euro at 1.15.  Today the dollar is trading at 1.50 which represents an increase […]

Signum Pro – new string offerings

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Earlier this year Signum Pro unveiled three new string products.  Two of those will be available to US customers for the first time beginning next week, the Hyperion and the Tornado.  We have received nearly weekly requests asking about these products and they are finally available. At first these products will be available in a […]

New tennis gifts arriving soon!

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Earlier this summer we successfully located several exciting new tennis gifts to add to our lineup.  Gifts sell well throughout the year, but particularly well as we get closer to the winter holiday season.   It is difficult to locate tennis related gift products and we believe our collection is as fun, unique and interesting as […]

SomeBunny Cares – – We do!

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At Guts and Glory Tennis we fully understand and appreciate the challenges the current economy can place upon families.  Each Thursday the local paper publishes hundreds of foreclosures from our local county alone.  It is very humbling and drives home the point that many of our neighbors and friends are feeling the economic pinch in […]

More on Hybrid Crosses

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One of our more popular posts with readers of this blog is our entry on selecting cross strings for hybrids with poly-based mains.  While the content of that posting remains accurate, we would like to add a new perspective we did not have when the entry was written and posted over a year ago. Recently […]

Special Orders

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If you have played with the POG, can describe Imperial gut or know what a Yamaha Secret is, chances are very good you are of the age to remember the old Burger King jingle, “Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce…special orders don’t upset us…all we ask is that you let us serve it your way!” […]

Proposed service modifications

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In an effort to maintain a high degree of efficiency with serving our customers we are forced to consider altering some of our current practices.  These modifications will allow us to maintain our low prices.  At the same time, we want our customers to remain satisfied.  We are blogging about this in an effort to […]

MSV Packaging…What’s up with that???

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Several customers may have noticed that the packaging for some of the recent sets of MSV strings has changed recently.  Unfortunately this is causing puzzlement and confusion among some of our customers.  Inquiring minds want to know “What’s up with it?”  So that is exactly what this blog entry is designed to address. First, it […]

Follow us…save $$$

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Free Shipping.  $5.00 off.  $10.00 off.  $15.00 off. $30.00 off.    Tell me how! Over the past several weeks customers who are following our tweets have benefited from spur of the moment sales that we refer to as “Twitter Specials” on our tennis string products.  These sales are unannounced, (heck we do not even know when […]

May I have your attention please?

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Remember listening to the morning announcements in school throughout the years? Well, I was one of the students who was lucky enough to read the morning announcements.  Typically they consisted of a platter of information to keep the students informed and updated.  Today’s blog entry is just that, some announcements for our customers. 1.  As […]

Reducing and Eliminating Tennis String Movement

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Broccoli. A newlywed’s cooking. The swine flu. Serena after a loss. A root canal. Potholes. Jelena on a bad hair day. String movement. The Jimmy Fallon Show. What do each of the above have in common? They are all things that many of us dislike and strive to avoid. While each of us can manage […]

Something new…

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A few weeks ago we purchased a FLiP video camera so that we could take video of interesting products and situations we run across in our daily work.  Yesterday we had a few moments so we shot a cheesy video of a problem we found with a Prince Speedport Red.  We had not run across […]

Poly-based hybrids for junior players

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Over at Grand Slam Stringers there is a discussion thread (Vanilla hybrids for juniors) that has rendered me a bit bewildered. I choose not to post there  because I am obviously going to recommend strings we carry.  My fear is my post  may be perceived as one with ulterior motives when in reality it is […]

Spiraling cost of tennis strings.

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The cost of tennis strings is escalating rapidly.  Wilson is leading the way.  Most of their products as well as the Luxilon products they market are spiraling upwards.  Following them recently is Babolat who increased the cost of natural gut offerings to a staggering $41.95 per set.  I am not sure if it is quite […]

What do terms “poly” and “copoly” really mean?

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For those who have been following us for years, you may have made use of our “Racquety-Yak” Message Board.  With the advent of the “Racquety-Yak” Blog, we have found discussion board participation declining, even though views have increased.  In a decision designed to better serve the needs of our users by consolidating information and also […]

New MSV Multi

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The newest MSV product, Soft-Control, has just hit the US shores and is available to you at an introductory price of $11.90 from Guts and Glory Tennis. This particular string offers a unique construction, specifically designed to offer the comfort of traditional premium multis with the bonus of added control. Players who enjoy crisp playing […]

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