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New…Free Shipping to Canada!

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Guts and Glory Tennis is delighted to announce that we have partially solved one of the huge logistical challenges we have been facing in providing products to non-commercial customers residing in Canada.  In the past, the shipping costs to send a parcel with tracking and insurance was extremely high and made ordering from us undesirable.  […]

Recycling Tennis Balls

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What do you do with your tennis balls after they lose their bounce and are no longer playable?  It is not unreasonable to assume that the vast majority of tennis players simply toss them away with the leftover meatloaf that has been in the refrigerator for the past month.  Did you know it is estimated […]

Your New Source for Arm Friendly Racquets

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Located in the heart of Suwanee, GA at 333 Main Street, tennis players will find a friendly family-run tennis business with a passion for providing local tennis players the absolute best in racquet services.  When our shoppe opened in fall 2011, it served as  showroom for our online tennis gift products and a friendly stringing […]

New for 2012 – – Guts & Glory Tennis does Google+

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At Guts and Glory Tennis we are extremely excited about 2012.  We believe the New Year will bring great innovations and products for our customers and online friends. To start the new year off with a bang, we have created some additional resources that will allow us to continue interacting with our customers.  Earlier today […]

Get Reel! CyberWeek at Guts and Glory Tennis

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While some sites are celebrating Cyber Monday with blowout sales, at Guts and Glory Tennis we will be celebrating the entire week! The theme of the week is “Get Reel” and during this week we will be featuring reels of MSV, WeissCANNON and L-TEC strings at discounted pricing. Each of the sales will require the […]

GGT Tennis Shoppe – More Options for Local Customers

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At the end of last year continuing to the present, we have been exploring, carefully examining and at times reinventing what we do so that we can provide the best service to our customers.  Our year of change and transformation takes another quantum leap forward as we will expand our space as well as opportunities […]

Upcoming Learning Opportunity

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Just this past weekend registration for the 2011 GSS Racquet Stringer’s Symposium was put online.  The dates to reserve are September 24 – 28.  The location is going to be the Saddlebrook Tennis Resort which is located near Tampa in Florida. While the symposium is always an awesome opportunity for stringers of all levels to […]

A philosophical trip to Paris

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We begin the new year by announcing to our friends and customers that after careful consideration and review we have decided to embark upon a philosophical journey to Paris, France.  Paris is the home of John Elliot, better know to tennis message board enthusiasts as “JayCeeParis.”  John, an accomplished stringer and leader in the development […]

2011 – Join us for more good stuff!

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We want to offer a sincere and genuine thanks to our customers for a wonderful 2010.  Your ongoing support allows us to continue providing creative and innovative products for you to enjoy. In 2011 we fully expect to carry this tradition forward by promoting and growing our customer base for the many terrific Mauve Sports […]


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For the past year we have been striving to optimize interactions with our customers.  Social media provides us with tools to accomplish this in ways that we hope are helpful. We strive to post at least one or two interesting and informative blog entries each month.  Through these entries we hope to share detailed information […]

Confessions of a reformed stringer

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During the past several months a major epiphany has come to light.  I have been guilty, very guilty of stringing poly-based strings at a level of tension at which they can not offer optimal performance.  I have done this on my own racquets as well as the racquets of hundreds of customers.  It is only […]

Sharing some email–A little MSV Luv!

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Over the weekend we received an email testimonial for our much beloved MSV string products.  We enjoy receiving feedback and sometimes post it on our web site, sometimes we tweet it and every now and again we turn it into a quick blog entry.  Today we share it as a blog entry.  Enjoy! I just […]

Prolonging String Life

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Today’s blog entry is simply a quick tip we picked up years ago.  When using synthetic gut strings, if you tend to break them in the center of the stringbed, this tip could help you! Breaks in the center of the string bed are caused from friction wear.  In order to reduce friction you can […]

Bitten and Smitten!

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WeissCANNON is boldly introducing a string with the most interesting and exciting name in 2010, (and perhaps ever),  Mosquito Bite!  While the name is certain to garner a certain amount of attention, it is the performance that has players talking! After being on the market for approximately 2 weeks, the Mosquito Bite is leaving users […]

More colorful, More fun and sexier than ever!

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On Tuesday, July 6 a new, revised and improved Guts and Glory Tennis website will debut.  The creative, quirky, professional fun you have come to expect from us remains along with a great selection of tennis string products and gifts. Ordinary is Boring! Our new site serves three main purposes. 1.  Provides information about our […]

Frogg Togg Chilly Pads – Stayin’ Cool on the Courts

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The fierce summer heat has hit and tennis players throughout the nation are seeking options to stay cool on the courts.  On way to combat the stifling heat and humidity is with the remarkable Frogg Togg Chilly Pad Cooling Towel. Measuring a robust 33″ x 12″ and coming in nine fantastic colors, including a new […]

Don’t let this one sneak past you…WeissCANNON SuperCable Pro

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Guts and Glory Tennis is delighted to introduce the new WeissCANNON SuperCable Pro to tennis players throughout the USA.  The string is a fresh update to the WeissCANNON SuperCable that was quietly introduced in 2008. In what is rapidly becoming the year of unique colors for WeissCANNON, the new SuperCable Pro is a very distinctive […]

Thank you!

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For our loyal readers, we apologize for the long delay between blog entries.  As many of you know we are a small family owned business.  Our size allows us to be familiar and friendly with our customers.  It allows us to provide the personal and friendly service of days gone by when the customers interacted […]

Cyber Monday Sales Spectacular

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Today is Cyber Monday.  Please visit our website and follow the Cyber Monday link in the left menu column for some wild savings.  Hope you enjoy!

Tidbit from the Grand Slam Stringer’s Symposium

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Earlier this month we had the opportunity to interact with some of the top professionals in the world of racquet stringing and customization.  One particular session we found facinating was facilitated by Mr. John Elliot who flew in from France to share some of his observations and thoughts on world of poly-based strings.  During his […]

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