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Full Poly Hybrids…The Next Frontier

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Hybrids.  You heard it here first.  Full poly hybrids are the next frontier in the ever advancing world of tennis strings. As many of our blog followers realize we have been undergoing a period of discovery as we question everything we know/believe about strings and stringing.  Much of our thinking has been influenced by the […]

DSS – “The String Thing” to the Rescue!

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The tennis world has been living under the throes of an insidious plague since the advent of modern racquets.  It  is simply known by three villainous initials, DSS.  It is a devilish epidemic that crosses all national, racial, political and social boundaries. Pros of all levels, college players, tournament players, juniors and even weekend warriors…we […]

The Definitive Guide to Playing with Low Tension Polys

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This blog is meant as a follow-up for our immensely popular posting on March 17 where we discussed the optimal method for stringing poly-based strings.  That particular entry has generated much discussion and many of our readers have been open to trying the suggested method and have reported success.  (Congratulations and thank you for reporting […]

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