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Much Ado About Knotting

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In our local stringing business we attempt to string with one piece whenever possible.  Stringing with a single piece of string allows us to complete the job with only needing to use 2 knots.  Fewer knots look better and tension loss is minimized.  There are exceptions where more that two knots are needed and these […]

Prolonging String Life

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Today’s blog entry is simply a quick tip we picked up years ago.  When using synthetic gut strings, if you tend to break them in the center of the stringbed, this tip could help you! Breaks in the center of the string bed are caused from friction wear.  In order to reduce friction you can […]

Grody Gripage…There’s Fungus Among Us

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One of the most disgusting aspects of being a professional stringer is having to deal with filthy overgrips that come attached to racquets for restringing.  I’m not talking about a little bit of wear, I am talking about full bore disgusting sweat-riddled, bacteria infested, stinking rotten overgrips. In the past we have blogged about the […]

The Baiardo Era Begins

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Many local customers are acutely aware of  the health issues I have been facing.  I detail them today because they are a large part of my Baiardo story. In February 2009 I began suffering from neck and back pain.  The MRI revealed both arthritis and bulging discs in the C5/C6 areas of the upper back […]

Bitten and Smitten!

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WeissCANNON is boldly introducing a string with the most interesting and exciting name in 2010, (and perhaps ever),  Mosquito Bite!  While the name is certain to garner a certain amount of attention, it is the performance that has players talking! After being on the market for approximately 2 weeks, the Mosquito Bite is leaving users […]

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