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Arm-friendly tennis racquets

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Customers and those who frequent our web resources are acutely aware of our desire to help educate customers about equipment related tennis elbow.  We have frequently blogged about both healthy and unhealthy strings as well as racquet frames.  As a result we get a number of email and telephone questions about arm-friendly equipment.  One of […]

Don’t let this one sneak past you…WeissCANNON SuperCable Pro

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Guts and Glory Tennis is delighted to introduce the new WeissCANNON SuperCable Pro to tennis players throughout the USA.  The string is a fresh update to the WeissCANNON SuperCable that was quietly introduced in 2008. In what is rapidly becoming the year of unique colors for WeissCANNON, the new SuperCable Pro is a very distinctive […]

“The Power of Purple!” – WeissCANNON 6StarString Supercharged

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Throughout the ages, purple has been the color of royalty.  Purple is synonymous with creativity.  Purple is posh.  Purple represents power and wealth.  Purple is fun, youthful and unique.  It is no surprise that WeissCANNON has selected purple as the hue of choice for its attention grabbing new product, 6StarString Supercharged! WeissCANNON continues to push […]

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