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1/2 Sets now available + Look what we found.

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We’re cleaning our shop and have come across many reels that contain 20′ or more of string, but not the full 40′. Rather than recycle or keep it laying around we’d rather make it available to our online customers who may wish to put it to use. We are currently selling MSV Focus and Focus […]

What a week! – We coined the term “Tennis Tweetspot”

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It’s been a whirlwind. We have set up our Twitter account and are tweeting away, but apparently many of our customers are not yet into the whole Twitter scene. We believe the content of our tweets may be interesting to our serious customers and thus have added our TWEETS to this very blog!!! The 5 […]

Tweet with us!

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Hey kidos! We are now on Twitter. If you are an active twitterer, please follow us. We will tweet each time a new blog entry is added. We will keep our followers abreast of new products as they arrive. If we generate a good number of followers we will tweet about secret sales and much, […]

Get a Grip!

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It can be successfully argued that the grip is the most neglected piece of equipment in tennis.  It’s absolutely true. Improperly sized racquet grips can lead to racquet twisting and potentially an arm injury. Excessively worn and tattered grips can also lead to racquet twisting and arm injury, not to mention an annoying discomfort.  Why […]

Price war? Okay, we’re in!

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(Please hum the Theme from Rocky as you read this post!) As indicated in a blog entry made earlier today, Topspin Tennis requested that we raise the price on the new Topspin Pure Concept because another US distributor complained our retail was too low for the product.  Shortly after raising our prices we received a […]

Email updates now available!

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For those of you not wanting to miss any exciting updates, especially the “Secret Sales,” we invite you to subscribe to our blog. Earlier in the day we had a customer contact us and asked “how can I be notified via email when your blog is updated?” We did some checking and located a free […]

Dear Prince…

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I realize that I have been hard on you, leveraging some fairly significant criticisms in recent blog entries. The purpose of today’s post is to issue a KUDO. That’s right, I am about to say something nice. Today I examined the new EXO3 Classic for the first time. It appears as if the channels on […]

Just Bend Over.

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I can’t even begin to describe how frequently I see this particular wear pattern on the headguard of racquets. Most frequently it is observed on the frames of junior players. I suspect if you are a racquet stringer you have seen it too. In my shop I have several juniors who regularly wear through the […]

Design flaw, incompetence or conspiracy at Prince?

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Sometimes you just have to wonder. Prince, claiming to be the company to produce the most technologically advanced racquets on the planet seems to continually fall short. In previous years technologies that were not ready for prime time were rushed to the market. The grommetless Air series is an example. Strings shanking all over the […]

Guts and Glory Tennis – – Now on Facebook

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We freely admit to being social networking newbies.  Last week we spent some time setting up our personal facebook site and an interesting phenomena occurred.  Several of our local stringing customers requested us to befriend them online. As we became more familiar with the facebook community we learned that groups existed and we created a […]

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