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It’s 3:45pm EST on Friday and why not celebrate the weekend with another limited time secret sale?  Afterall these sales bring smiles to the face of our customers who receive incredible savings. This week much of the discussion and emails have centered around Topspin’s new product, the Concept Pure.  We are going to offer an […]

Introducing a NEW tennis term…

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At Guts and Glory Tennis, we are avid tennis players as well as racquet technicians.  Today we are extremely proud to unveil a new tennis term that will soon be sweeping the tennis world.  Remember, you heard it here first! “Lobortunity” – (noun) meaning: 1.  An appropriate or favorable time or occasion to lob. 2.  […]


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Earlier this year we posted a blog entry suggesting that our method for stringing the Prince “port style” racquets was a superior approach to that used by most stringers. (Click Here for Blog Entry) Above you will find an image of a racquet that came into our shop yesterday. The customer had it strung elsewhere […]

Recycling of topical posts for new readers

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For readers who are new to our blog, we welcome you and wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day! Given the A-Rod story and steroids are back in the news we thought it might be fun to point our readers to a post we made last year in which we confessed to the use of performance […]

Use Tennis to Defeat the Recession Blues

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Let’s face it, without getting political, our country is facing severe financial challenges. Seemingly everywhere we turn the news is grim. Before making a personal career change to the world of tennis entrepreneurship, I served for many years as a career services professional. Yes, my job was to help people in all aspects of a […]

Welcome New Customers

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Guts and Glory Tennis would like to extend a special welcome to new stringing customers who formerly were being serviced locally by Coach Matt’s Tennis & More and Premier Tennis. Unfortunately in the past few weeks each of these local tennis retailers have had to close their doors. While we are always saddened to see […]

WeissCANNON Explosiv! – Playtest results

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As many of our blog readers are aware we have been undergoing an ongoing playtest with the incredible WeissCANNON Explosiv! multifil tennis string. The playtest has yielded amazing results. (Please see full article here!) After more than 8 months of an extended playtest, we are going to voluntarily end the test. The string has not […]

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