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Happy New Year!

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We wish all of our readers and customers a terrific 2009! We invite you to continue reading our blog as 2009 has many exciting announcements in store. Our intent is to post new content at least 2x per week. We’ll have to see if we can make that happen this year. With the new posts […]

Stringbed stiffness…some thoughts

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At Guts and Glory Tennis we use an ERT 700 tennis computer to measure the stringbed stiffness on each frame we restring for our customers. The data collected from this equipment is then entered into our customer database to help us provide the most consistent stringing service to our customers. The ERT 700, (and newer […]

What Tension??? Grumble…grumble…grumble…

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Normally mild-mannered and benevolent, even the most patient of us have our pressure points. While I truly enjoy helping customers via our blog, message boards, direct email communication and telephone calls, there is one question that makes me grumpy. One question that is difficult to wrestle with. In short, it’s a bear of a question […]

Celebrity Customers???

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This holiday shopping season has generated some interesting orders for Guts and Glory Tennis. We have filled orders for one known celebrity and suspected others. For grins and giggles we thought we would share a list of our suspected and confirmed celebrity clientele. 1. We received an order from an S. Graf using a Las […]

Our Inventory = Another HUGE Advantage

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The other day we were asked why we provide so many string offerings to our customers?  The answer is simple.  Customers have different preferences and needs and we want to be equipped to meet these needs in the best manner possible.  Many local stringers and stores have core offerings consisting of basic string types.  These […]

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