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Rear Ended!

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My most sincere apologies go out to two of my favorite local stringing customers, David and Marcia, for they would have won our tennis division and the prestigious bag tag but for my butt. In Atlanta we are fortunate to have massively large tennis leagues. The largest is an organization known as ALTA, the Atlanta […]

FREE Racquet Stringing!

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For a limited time Guts and Glory Tennis is offering FREE racquet stringing for our local customers. (Yes, restrictions apply…please read on.) You might be saying, “Geez, that does not seem like a very sound business plan.” You’d be incorrect. There is a method behind this madness. As an industry leader in identifying and introducing […]

New Items

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Guts and Glory Tennis is pleased to add two new products to our online store. First, Annie is proud to add another item to her growing list of “Tennis Pooch Products.” The new tennis doggie notecards come 8 to a pack and measure 5″ x 4″. Simply too cute! Remember all proceeds from Tennis Pooch […]

MatchPower – Seriously Good

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While we take pride in offering the entire series of premium quality WeissCANNON strings, we wish to highlight the lesser known of the “Big 3,” the MatchPower. This is a seriously good string. The performance characteristics allow a great deal of comfort, control and durability. If you have not yet experienced the advantage of playing […]

Monica Seles: Dancing Queen

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Oh Monica…Please, say it isn’t so! I just want to remember you as the brilliant young woman who dominated woman’s tennis and literally changed the sport by blasting two-handed groundies at wicked angles past all comers. You were the first pure power hitter in woman’s tennis. When the going got tough, you coolly responded by […]

Give Me A Break!!!

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Our local stringing business is known for offering fast and convenient racquet pickup and delivery service. We provide this service to customers who reside in a certain delivery area. Yesterday we provided pickup service for one of our customers who recently moved into a local gated community. We went to the gate, picked up our […]

Full Disclosure (Sorry Mom!)

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The Bud Collins Report is scheduled to come out later this year and it will blow the lid off of steroid use in recreational and league tennis. As I sit here preparing this blog entry, I do so with a heavy heart and an extra large box of tissues, for I have learned my name […]

ImPORTant Prince Stringing Info.

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Prince O Port and Speedport Stringing Stringing the new Prince O ports and Speedports has created a variety of headaches and challenges for many home based stringers. It is especially difficult to string these without the use of machine that has a locking turntable. When stringing the crosses, a 50/50 method is an alternative that […]

My Brush with Greatness

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Yesterday was an exciting day for me. I had the opportunity to meet Bob Patterson of RacquetMaxx. Bob is a professional tour stringer and was the RSI stringer of the Year in 2005. This was my first opportunity to meet a tour stringer in person and I was impressed and grateful that Bob was kind […]

Spring Stringing

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Spring is in the air. Baseball players are reporting to training camp, the NCAA basketball tournament is on the horizon, and ALTA team practices will begin very soon. To be at the top of your game, your equipment must be in top form and ready for the on court battles that are looming. Guts and […]

Welcome to the neighborhood!

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Guts and Glory Tennis would like to formally welcome a new player to the tennis neighborhood in NE Gwinnett County. A new store called, My Tennis Bag will have its grand opening this Saturday, February 16. It will feature hourly raffles and a variety of giveaways. My Tennis Bag is located at the following address: […]

Poly vs CoPoly

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Yesterday a stringing colleague in another online forum suggested that there is no difference between polyester strings and copolymers. The comment is representative of an uneducated bias against the newer copolymer strings. The bias stems from inaccurate notions of how the strings perform based on the performance of polyester strings (old school) and the currently […]

Customer Question. RE: Topspin and WC Comparison

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Q: Hi, John, The SilverString has been a good experience. Before purchasing a reel, I wanted to compare it to Cyber Flash or Cyber Power. My understanding is that Cyber Power, in addition to more power than Cyber Flash, has better tension maintenance. Is this true? And what else can you tell me about these […]

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Here’s something a little different. A new networking web site designed for tennis players from across the world to gather, share information, experiences and their love for the game. I don’t do the MySpace thing, but I suspect  is similar in nature. The major difference is you will find the majority of participants are […]

Customer Question. RE: WC Scorpion

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A local stringing customer proposed the following question to us today. It is an excellent question and we believe others can benefit from the question as well as our response. Q: My son is currently using WeissCANNON Scorpion and he loves it. However, my husband wants to know what is the next step up? A: […]

Kneissl Black Star

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In an effort to continue locating the safest and most arm friendly racquets for those suffering from tennis elbow, we have just received the Kneissl Black Star for playtesting purposes. The specs on this racquet fill a void between the lighter weight, yet head heavy PowerAngle racquets and the heavier Avery racquets. The Kneissl Black […]

Power Angle – “Going Diagonal”

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PowerAngle RACQUETS “Go Diagonal!” No gimmicks here. An innovative design that actually stands up to the claims being made. PowerAngle racquets have been specifically designed so the diagonal string pattern allows for a more uniform string length. The more uniform length has been proven to reduce harmful shock and is great for players seeking a […]

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